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Posted: Sep 19 2016

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On Thursday 15th September 2016, Walsall College played host to a Team Challenge Company team building favourite - the Pressure Zone for the team at Homeserve.

The group of 70 delegates were split into 12 teams and were tasked with coming up with a team name incorporating their team number. The teams were given life cards and competed head to head on various challenges for the chance to win the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy and avoid taking home the Losing Wooden Spoon!

The first challenge saw everyone taking part together to win their team as much of our Team Challenge Company fun money as possible before splitting off and competing head to head at the other challenges. The teams really did flop at our Flop It challenge and the lives were disappearing fast in this first round!

Some of the other challenges the teams took part in on the day included Hurdle – a challenge where the participant has to walk a short distance to and overstep a hurdle, all while wearing a mask – which, despite all the practice jumps and counting of steps, proved quite the challenge for some of the delegates... not looking at youWho 8 All The Pies! A challenge that the teams did seem to excel at was Descent, where the participant uses either their right or left hand to place a ball into a long tilted tube and has to use the same hand to catch the ball as it drops out of the other end... despite the simplicity of the rules it is definitely a challenge, however the teams did very well and hopefully made up for some of the lives lost on the other challenges!

There were a few challenges where the teams all came together to compete and our finale Tier Drop proved to be one of the games found most difficult by the group.

The aim of tier drop is to bounce the ball from one platform to the next before landing it in the final bucket stand. This was the teams last chance to win some last minute fun money to boost them to victory and let them take home the Winner’s Trophy!

With the last challenge over, the money counted up and the teams eager to find out the results, it was time to present the Winner’s Trophy and Losing Wooden Spoon!

1st – Perfect 10 with 2800 points
2nd – 5 Star with 2750 points 
3rd – When 2 Become 1 with 2700 points 
4th – Fantastic 4 with 2650 points 
5th – Who 8 All The Pies with 2500 points 
6th – 7 Wonders with 2400 points 
7th – 3s A Crowd with 2100 points 
8th – 6 Of The Best with 2050 
9th – 99 Problems with 2000 
10th – Dirty Dozen with 1950 
11th – 1 And Only with 1900 points 
12th – Legs 11 with 1150 points

Well done to everyone involved on the day and a huge thank you to Sarah for all her effort in organising the day! Our team had a fantastic time working with you all and we look forward to the next opportunity!

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