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Posted: Aug 17 2016

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Team Challenge Company met with an enthusiastic team from IWCF at Craigo Hall, Angus for a wonderful morning of team development and team building in the form of our Create Design Deliver event followed by the Crystal Challenge activity.

The morning began with an introduction to the team and objective setting session before we challenged ourselves with the first task of the day.

Helium Stick is an exasperatingly difficult game which relies on the group working together to lower a stick to the ground in the quickest time possible. Team A got off to a rough start as they struggled to even hold the stick steady in the starting position!

The Casket and Rollerball challenge were the next tricky challenges as the teams were given the task of solving the challenges and working well as a team. Teams battled it out to the very last second on Casket Rescue but they couldn't quite reach the ultimate solution! Blind Man’s Buff and the NASA Challenge followed a short lunch break as the space specialists put their knowledge to the test. Team B couldn't quite transfer their earth bound logic to that needed to survive in space so struggled with this challenge!

At the end of our fantastic morning together the scores were counted and were found to be very close with only 400 points separating the top two teams. In last place was The Rainbow Lights with a measley 6500 points while The Dream Team were following closely with 6750 points and in 2nd place was The Sharks with 7600. However, in the lead was Team Menace with a whopping 8000 points! The pressure was now on that we have reached our half way mark of the event. After such a successful morning it was a well earned lunch break.

After lunch came the ever popular Crystal Challenge outdoor team building event for the group to compete head to head in a range of challenges in a bid to claim the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy!

The group were welcomed by our very own Leopard Lover, before getting straight into the first of the 3 rotations based on physical, skill and mental challenges.

All of the teams struggled with the first challenge, Ring your Bell, as the course proved to be difficult for most to master in the time allowed in which teams were required to navigate round an obstacle course with complete focus on NOT, Ringing the Bell. Over on Interlocker, Teams struggled to complete the puzzle but Stacey stepped up for the Riddles and proved she had the brains to bag her team a bonus crystal! However other teams found the Interlocker challenge to be child’s play and completed the puzzle in an incredibly short time, much to their delight! Chicken Fox and Grain proved to be a more manageable task with all the teams completing the course gaining the crystal and getting lovely photos as memories of the day. However, it was a shame that the same couldn’t be said for the “Nail It” individual challenge! Despite many individuals attempting to beat the challenge, only a few were able to make it count for a crystal. Finally it was time for our last activity of the day catapult. Our teams were given the materials and tasked with building a structure strong enough to throw a golf ball the farthest possible distance - just look at those photos for the range of results!

After a quick break the teams were ready to take on the final challenge…making their way to the Crystal Dome finale. One by one each team took on the dome grabbing as much money as possible in the time earned by their crystals. There was some possible and potential rule bending in the dome, however cheating aside the scores were in and the results were BIG! The wooden spoon was awarded first and it was the Dream Team that finished in last place with their score of -£300 before Rainbow Lights were revealed to be in 3rd place with -£100 from the dome. The runner’s up were The Menaces with £500 while The Sharks edged into the lead and were crowned the deserving champions with £700. All of the teams did an incredible job working together to solve the various tasks and stepped up to every challenge and definitely worked well on delivering their corporate values throughout the event. A huge thank you to Kelly for all of her efforts in putting the day together for everyone to enjoy.

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Such an amazing event with a great group! I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did and look forward to working with you all again soon!



Great day working with IWCF on such a beautiful sunny day in Craigo. Well done to all the teams for stepping up at each and every opportunity, delivering on your corporate values and working together so well as teams. A big thanks to Kelly for putting it all together so well and for keeping us all in order on the day. Hope to see you all again soon Stephen



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