Team Building with Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

Posted: Nov 14 2017

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of hosting the extremely competitive team from The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons at The Studio, Glasgow. They were to compete in the ever popular Crystal Challenge, seeing the teams take part in team and individual challenges to test their mental and physical skills and show off their mystery abilities.

We kicked off by explaining the premise of the Crystal Challenge was to gain as many crystals as possible by completing the tasks to buy your team some time in the Crystal dome. From the get go, it was clear why Annalee had separated the competitive individuals prior to the event! As we asked the teams to come up with the best team name they could think of to gain the ever so important first crystal, it was team One in a Million that were the victors gaining that precious time for the grand prize and leaping ahead of the other teams from the offset!

As we started our first round of challenges the teams had to construct a crane that was capable of lifting a weight of around 3kgs, this had to be a free standing structure, designed with complete accuracy. Team One In A Million looked like they had it nailed, where as team Two Good Too Be True looked a bit sketchy!! It was then brought to our attention that Fraser in team 3 + 2 had a degree in engineering! Being the only male in the room, all eyes were on him to perform!

As the teams stood back from there constructions, unfortunately it was One in a Million that were the least successful scoring a massive... 0 Inches off the ground, as there contraption failed at the last minute. Coming up in second with a very impressive 27 inches off the ground was team 3 + 2, but running away with the first round was 2 Good 2 Be True, scoring a massive 47 inches from the ground with an amazing design.

Moving on to the first individual challenge which involved the mental ability of one person from each team to decipher 3 riddles and score 2 correct answers. It was a very tough round and a big ask, seeing only one team gain a point. With no conferring it seemed that there were some other team members that may have been more suited for the task, getting nearly every one right!

Next up was Interlocker, a difficult puzzle where just one team member was given the solution at a time, but not allowed to show the rest of the team, only being able to instruct the team from a distance. It was unfortunate, but no one managed to complete this task in the allocated time (despite the frustration). The individual challenge required a steady hand this time for the skill game, Giant Buzz Me. It proved to be a challenge for the participants, only seeing one team able to complete the task.

After a short coffee break we jumped straight back into things with 3 different types of puzzles, two giant jigsaws, and the frustrating Labyrinth. All but one team were successful at the labyrinth but it was team 3+2 that excelled, scoring two out of the three possible crystals. Our next individual challenge was a physical one called Nail the Wood, with Annalee just absolutely annihilating the competition by nearly hitting the nail all way in to the block in only three hits.

Last but least we moved on to NASA Challenge which saw all teams having to decide on the most important items they would need to find the mother ship after a crash landing on the moon. All teams did very well, but it was One in a Million who had the most analytical person, unfortunately making only two bad decisions, but that cost them a crystal! Team 2 Good 2 Be True certainly lived up to their name, gaining a pretty much perfect score.

Now time for the Grand Finale, The Crystal Challenge Dome! Team 2 Good 2 Be True were the first to step in to the dome to grab the cash with only 9 seconds on the clock! One In A million came away with an impressive 12 seconds, but blowing the whole field away was team 3 + 2 with a whopping 21 seconds inside the dome! After the fans had stopped and the money was counted, it was a shame to announce that 2 Good 2 Be True were the unfortunate ones to come in third place, taking home the wooden spoon! The team at the top taking home the much sought after Team Challenge Company Trophy was team 3 + 2, winning by nearly £1000, much to their delight!

It was a pleasure to have met and worked with such great (competitive) team, really hope to see you all again soon.

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