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Posted: Jan 27 2018

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Loch Lomond Golf Club played host to a day of fun and exciting competition as Team Challenge Company hosted our GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt and Games Night for guests from The Young Presidents Organisation and their families.

Thankfully, the weather held off for the morning to let all the teams head out onto the beautiful Golf course, set on the bank of Loch Lomond, to go head to head and complete tasks at each checkpoint in order to earn maximum points. There were several bonus rounds to help the teams earn some extra points for their teams – it was fastest finger in these bonus rounds, which really amped up the competition. 

Once the teams arrived back at the Golf Club they quickly were served a hot drink to warm up them up, before they were shown a brilliant presentation displaying what they teams had been up to on their GPS Treasure Hunt. The videos certainly were comical and made for plenty of laughs! Some of the highlights were ‘Fireman Sam’ being spoken in welsh - well at least that's what they called it! Some form of Pilate Press-ups, to Frieda the dog trying to escape her team on many an occasions!!

Once the teams had been entertained with their antics from the morning, it was time to present the teams with their scores! Stepping up to the podium in first place was Lucy's Lobes, winning by just less than 100 points to Petra's team, which is certainly impressive as Petra's team had the most competitive families at the event!

After our GPS, we had the Kids Bridge Build competition. The teams were presented with a tray of materials, containing only straw, paper and sellotape. It was their task to successfully design and construct a bridge that could maintain the weight of our electric car driving over it. The tension was mounting as time was running out to the build the bridge... Taking part we had Noah, Patrick, Jack, Lucas, Jamie, Charlotte and the Burnt bananas.

Excitement filled the room when it came to testing the bridges. There was silence as the first team carefully drove the car across the bridge. Unfortunately, it was Patrick who was out in the first round, followed by Noah, The burnt bananas, Charlotte and Georgie.

Head to head in the final was a joint team, Jack and Lucas against Jamie. Stepping in to take home yet another Team Challenge trophy for the second year Running was Jamie, which left Jack taking home his second wooden spoon of the day!

The fun and games did not stop there! We brought along our Full HD Sports Simulator. This brilliant activity left the sports fans in awe as they battled against one another playing football in their favourite teams stadiums, and Golf on some of the best Golf Courses in the world! This activity always impresses, and this group was no exception!

Thank you to Petra for all the effort in organising the event, we all had a fabulous day and we hope you all did too at such a wonderful venue. Hope to see you all again soon!

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