Team Development with GE Oil & Gas

Posted: Oct 31 2013

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Ardoe House Hotel was the setting for an afternoon of Team Development with GE Oil & Gas. We kicked off proceedings by showing them what was at stake for the day........ The coveted Team Challenge Company trophy. We also had an extremely productive question and answer session about what everyone strived to achieve from the day, both as a group and on a personal level. We divided people into three teams: The Winos, TPI and the Cupid Stunts. Our first activities were among the falling autumn leaves as we all reached for our coats.

Casket rescue, catapult and stepping stones awaited. The Winos managed to hurl their ball a valiant 100 inches in the first catapult of the day. TPI got up close and personal and managed to conquer the stepping stones while Cupid Stunts excelled on Casket Rescue. After our first rotation, the group then came together to share the knowledge and succeed together. The further games saw some innovative techniques, unusual compromise and some shouting. We even witnessed a Catapult firing backwards from the Cupid stunts!

Everyone competed whole heartedly and with a great deal of integrity. All doing extremely well on the Stepping Stones, Catapult and Casket Rescue. We then headed back inside to the Ogston suite where teams had to complete our Crane Build challenge. Some weird and wonderful designs ensured it was an exciting 25 minutes. When it came to the crunch, Cupid Stunts winched their weight highest to gain maximum points.

The group then reflected on what they had taken from the day, personally and as a team. This led us on to our unexpected finale.... Sumo Suits!!! Individuals squared off in what prove to be an exciting, hard hitting, spectacular end to the day. Everyone gave it there all as friendships disappeared for the best of three contest. Neil perhaps being the hardest man to beat. The winners of the day the Cupid Stunts took home the Team Challenge Compnay trophy, with The Winos in 2nd place. The wooden spoon some how surprisingly going to the TPI's. It was fantastic to work with GE Oil & Gas once again, thank you Gill for organsing the event and ensuring a good yet productive day.

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Kirsty Campbell

Gill I think you were right the Sumo's were a great addition to this event!! So glad you all enjoyed the day and we look forward to working on more Team Development with you in the New Year!



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