Team Roles: The Motivator

Posted: Oct 06 2014

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In a team, there are so many different personal and professional roles that you can play. For example, you have your official job title and responsibilities which are part of your professional role, while the everyday part you play in the team i.e. as the leader or as the ‘counsellor', is very much a personal thing. However, despite it being a personal factor, finding your place in the company in this sense is important nonetheless and can help team members to feel wanted and, well, part of a team!    

In today's blog post we will be taking a look at the role that the motivator plays in the team and the kind of thing you would expect from this member of the team. Who are they and what do they do? The team motivator is often a bubbly member of the team who helps to get everyone involved with something new as well as motivating people to get stuck into their job roles. They are often characterised as being a fun-loving individual who inspires and is equally inspired.  As for what they do, you may find them planning company corporate fun days and team building events, as well as regularly getting involved with meetings and new opportunities.

Though it may not be in their job title, the team motivator may also make the effort to check in with every employee to ensure they are on track and ready for the day ahead, as well as addressing any issues that may arise within the team including conflict and lethargy. In addition, they have a tendency to hold brainstorm meetings and always seem to have an idea to share. They ask plenty of questions and are good to talk to for advice if you're stuck on a project or are lacking creativity one day. The motivator is always willing to take on new opportunities and take over any work that needs to be completed to maximise the momentum of the team at all times. Confidence in their own abilities is a cornerstone of this personal role as it allows the motivator to pass on their knowledge and skill to others. This is just a brief description of what the team motivator does and their characteristics; however, it's important to remember that not every motivator will be the same, so finding the motivator in a team may be a bit of a challenge. On the other hand, things like company lunches, mini, light-hearted challenges and team building days can really help to bring out personalities and assist employees in finding their place in the company on a personal level.   If you're interested in booking a team building day to help bring your team together, please take a look at the rest of our site to find the most ideal activity for you and your team. Alternatively, if you have any questions about any of our events or locations, please get in touch today; we would be happy to take your call.

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