The Big Picture with Gilead Sciences

Posted: Jul 17 2018

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Gilead Sciences are a very reputable and respected company, with global offices and products that are distributed throughout the world. We at Team Challenge were proud to be brought along for some team building and relaxation at their recent day of conferences in the wonderful Egham in the south of England. At their wonderful venue, our guests had a jam packed day with conferences, debates and some very interesting speakers – now it was time for something different!

Our Big Picture event is one of our more popular team building events. Each team is given some traced canvasses and a time limit to paint these canvasses to a very specific brief. These canvasses come together to create one Big Picture. Each team needs to work not only within their team, but with each team in the room as each canvas needs to line up and be the correct colour to create the desired effect for the larger goal.

Early on, our teams showed signs that they were worried about how the task was going to pan out and how good the final product would look. There were some very nervous faces as the canvasses and materials were given out. There were fraught discussions of who had studied art at high school and whether being left handed was enough of a handicap for the Team Challenge team to help out (unfortunately not!).

Slowly but surely, the fifteen canvasses began to take shape. As teams finished one canvas, they would assess and redistribute to give a helping hand to those further behind. This started only within teams, but as the deadline drew closer, some inter team help came in. It was wonderful to see; everyone in a room, working hard toward a common goal. Each person there knew exactly what needed to be done and we ended up with some wonderful artwork.

We sent our guests out the room as we assembled the finished product. Each part slid into place and slowly created the Big Picture. Bringing the teams at Gilead back into the room to see the fruits of their labour was most satisfying for us at Team Challenge. Most stood there, completely surprised and impressed at how wonderful the finished product was.

We at Team Challenge had an excellent time working with Gilead Sciences, hope to organise something again for the near future!

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