The Big Picture with Intercede

Posted: Apr 04 2019

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The Wycliffe Rooms in Lutterworth was turned into a giant paint party when we were joined by the team from Intercede as part of their conference to take part in their very own Big Picture. Working together to create a vision for their future, an artwork masterpiece that would soon be on display at their offices.

A sense of anticipation filled the room as guests arrived into the room and took their seats.  Many curious guests took a peek at the canvasses that lay in front of them, all trying to guess what challenge lay ahead. 

Each team had to work from and follow their own design as well as collaborating across the other teams to ensure all colours matched and lined up. This would ensure the final full Big Picture was one not to forget and would hold pride of place in their main office for all to see.  

The room was buzzing with activity throughout as teams moved around the room to share painting materials and assist with painting the individual team pictures. The sense of speed and urgency filled the room as the clock counted down and team by team came ever closer to completing their individual canvasses, with most of the paint ending up on the canvasses - although not all!

The final 10 minutes were fun, fast-paced and frantic, with help coming in from all corners as our Intercede team rallied together to complete the challenge that had been laid out for them - team building in the very best fashion. The last canvas arrived and the room erupted in cheers, tea & coffee was served and our team prepared for the big reveal.

Our guests began to enter back into the room, crowding round the stage and giant curtain that dominated the top of the room, waiting with bated breath to see what the finished product would look like. As we led our countdown, the crowds gasped, then clapped, then cheered in amazement as the curtain dropped to unveil their amazing masterpiece -massive 32 individual canvasses, making one mission statement - all pieced together to form a truly inspiring image that wonderfully represented Intercede.

This grand piece of artwork was then broken down to 32 individual canvasses, transferred to Intercede offices, where it will proudly be put on permanent display. This is a fantastic tribute to all who played their part in creating it on the day, and a reminder of all the effort, dedication, fun and collaboration that all comes from being part of the Intercede team.

A massive thank you to all involved in organising such a fantastic day of Team building, with a special mention to Claire for her efforts in pulling it all together. It was a real honour for us all at Team Challenge Company to be part of such a special event, and we very much hope that your spectacular masterpiece continues to inspire all at Intercede and all the best for the future.

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