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Posted: Dec 14 2017

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It was the turn of the group from Touch Associates to experience the phenomenal Team Challenge Company treatment at the stunning Centre Parcs in Woburn. Ion the agenda for the evening was The Big Quiz, which had been organised as a surprise for the guests. The Venue was set and ready for an exciting, action-packed evening of interactive fun as the 13 teams were seated and raring to go. We had some very imaginative names chosen for the teams such like Glitter Girls & Boy and Magenta Beauties. Some of the other team names were a little too delicate for this blog! 

Of the Four rounds that took place throughout the evening, there were so very many enjoyable moments, and here are just a few of our highlights... We got off to a flying start with our opening round of Hit or Miss, it did take a while to sink in that it was a quiz and that they were in competition with one another as the teams tried very hard not to shout out the answers! The teams were great at this round and certainly know their music! What a great laugh with Molly, who opted for the fire exit after being given her position on the dance floor!

Heading into round 1, Guess the landmark - again it took a while to realise they were to keep the answers to themselves! The teams had a blast guessing where some places were, but it’s clear some of the guests had missed a few geography lessons at school. The funniest answer of this round had to be from Team Re-Productions, who thought the Burj Kahlifa was the Empire State Building!

Name That Tune was certainly the best round by far! Question 4 saw the full room join in for a rendition of Torn by Natalie Imbruglia, and I must say, I think we could have sold more records - We Rocked!! The fun was not over and as we reached question 10, the entire room was on the dance floor showing us all how it's done with their moves along to Whigfield's Saturday Night.

The scores were in, and very close, with not even 100's between them! Taking up last position and claiming the wooden spoon it was The Defectors. They joined us on the dance floor to claim their prize and were still full of the joy - I think they may have been aiming for last prize! They say there can be only 1 winner, the high the mighty - the Team Challenge Company Trophy winners! For Touch Associates awards Evening it was The Toyals! 

It was an excellent effort by all teams involved and you all certainly made the night. A success! Thank you again to Kat for organising it all - it takes a lot of time and effort and we were so glad to be a part of such a fun and hilarious night! We hope you all have a great Christmas and all the best for 2018. Hope to work with you all again very soon for some more hilarious entertainment!

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What a great night with Touch Associates.. even if 99% of the quiz was spent on the dancefloor! You all clearly enjoyed your night to the fullest and so did we, thanks again for a brilliant night and hope to work with you again soon!



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