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Posted: Dec 12 2013

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Today Team Challenge Company met at Sainsbury’s distribution center, Coventry to run a very exciting Team Building event called “Flight – The Run Way to Success” for their Property Department. With 18 teams battling it out to design, build and launch their very own Airplane, it was certainly an Event to remember! The teams each took part in 5 different Team Building activities throughout the afternoon with the collective aim of gaining as many points as they could to translate to bonus distance on the Run Way at the end of the day – with the winning Team decided by who’s plane flew the furthest…and straightest!

The afternoon was certainly full of plenty of hard teamwork, communication, trust – and of course plenty of fun and entertainment! There were so many highlights across the day, far too many to choose from, but we have selected our very favourite moments from the Team Building afternoon and included them below. If you have any specific memories, please share them with us at the bottom of this Blog Post in the comment section. Our first moment from the Highlights Reel comes from the Stepping Stones, where on more than one occasion (almost every occasion!), the Teams became so uber-competitive that they focused all their efforts on obstruct their “opponents”, whilst forgetting to ensure that they themselves could achieve success. Team F-16, however, proved to be the ultimate professionals, and had a fantastic run at it and completed the course, there and back, at record breaking pace!

Chicken, Fox and Grain challenge was up next from the highlights, where we had plenty of ‘Foxy’ gents and ladies, lots of great Chicken Dancers, and of course some sensational Farmers! There was plenty of great photos taken which I personally think would look great on the ‘Pride Wall’, or at least as a Facebook profile picture! Team Lightning was King of the Course, and proved unstoppable on both the Chicken Fox and Grain and Interlocker Challenges! Casket Rescue put Teamwork and Trust to the test as the Teams worked together to extract the “flammable liquid” from the “Danger Zone”. The most memorable moment from this challenge had to be Team Mig’s slight equipment failure…who knew the snapping of an elastic band could be so devastating to the scoreboard!!! The Bristol Bulldogs, on the other hand, showed exactly how it was done, and rescued their container without spilling a drop!

Once the scores had been counted and the bonus distance had been calculated, the teams got down to business - building their plane! What an array of incredible aircraft on show – everything from Stealth Bomber Designs through to By-Planes, from huge wingspans to dart-like missiles! As build-time came to a close, our teams gathered around the Run Way whilst Team Members scaled the 30ft high ‘Property Flight Deck’ in preparation for launch. Some aircraft plummeted, others crashed and burned…many hit the deck hard, and only a rare few fell with style! There was, however, one plane that soared…our Champions, the sensation Team Mustang, who recorded a final flight distance of 73ft…LEGENDS! It was an absolute pleasure to work with the entire team from Sainsbury’s Property Department on this Team Building afternoon, in what proved to be a hugely memorable day for all. A big shout out and thank you must go to Paul and Kate for all their hard work in organizing such a fantastic day, and we very much look forward to working with you all again in the future – for the REMATCH!!!

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Just to support Kate's feedback too in that the event was a great success and our colleagues are still buzzing about it. Thank you to you and your team and Kate and I will share how successful the event was, with our Learning and Development Colleagues too. Happy Christmas to you and all your team that supported the day too...


Kerry Jackson

What a great event! Fast paced from the start and definitely one for the record books! some great ideas when to came down to the designing the planes. Although I'm still not too fond of Team Concorde after their plane nearly knocked me over! A superb group to work with throughout the whole afternoon and well done to Team Mustang for their planes gravity defying performance!


Maverick - AKA Jonathan

I feel the neeeed, the need...for SPEED! What a brilliant afternoon of Team Building this was with the Team from Sainsbury's - so many highlights it's difficult to choose my favourite! Loved all the dressing up in the Fox and Chicken Costumes, and some of the airplane designs were absolutely majestic! Big congrats to Team Mustang for their incredible flight, absolutely legendary!!! A further shout out to both Kate and Paul in the efforts for organising such a great afternoon - just a shame Team Lightning couldn't keep within the Run Way Lines, and Team Bristol Bulldog didn't quite have the length required to take victory! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you both, and indeed the entire team from Sainsbury's, and very much hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. Over and Out Maverick!



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