Trade to Win Team Building Day with Armstrong Medical

Posted: Mar 24 2014

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The fabulous Galgorm Manor was the venue of choice for a full Team Building Day with a team from Armstrong Medical in the shape of our Trade to Win Event, where teams would battle it out to earn Fun Money to buy parts to build and launch a rocket. The focus for the day was to bring the team together in a challenging and rewarding environment, and there was certainly plenty of great team work on show right throughout the session. A sense of nervous anticipation from the team on arrival soon crowd soon dissipated as we got straight into the Team Building Event with style in the shape of our ever-challenging Helium Stick Energizer! Our 2 Teams stepped up to the plate for practise – and to be honest there was limited success in the beginning, but with a little patience and some effort, the winning formula was just around the corner – with Moore’s Missiles showing just how it was done…absolute legends!

Our business themed Company Team Building Activities continued as the teams took on Stepping Stones, Casket Rescue, Blind Intent and Rollerball in a big to win as much money as possible towards building their Rocket. There were so many highlights right throughout the day, far too many for us to include in this blog post. We have, however, popped in a few of our favourites below, and it would great if you wanted to share some of your ‘best bits’ in the comments section below. Our highlights reel for this blog starts with the Rocket Company Presentations, where the Buzz Lightyears really showed their creative flair with their strapline which was roared across the room…’To Infinity, and Beyond!’ Further highlights came in the Blind Intent Challenge, where the Buzz Lightyears created a wonderful structure to step inside – less could be said for the Moore’s Missiles, whose crumpled tent could barely hold one person, never mind the whole team!

The Rollerball also provided many great moments in the afternoon, with some of the most efficient (though not necessarily the prettiest) structures we have ever seen! The times on the clock were so close to each other, but in the end the Buzz Lightyears proved once again why they were the team to beat, scoring a sensational 39 seconds! With the money racking up, and the grand finale coming close, the two teams frantically set to work building their rockets in the hope they would soar skyward for ultimate success. As we stepped into the blustery winds for one final time, the sense of anticipation was huge as both teams walked forth to the launch pad, ready to let fly. It was shaky start for Moore’s Missiles with a failed launch, but we got there on the second occasion – though the rocket veered somewhat horizontal rather than straight up! The Buzz Lightyear’s Rocket flew straight and true, soaring to the heavens before releasing the parachute and sailing gently back to earth – a couple of miles away, haha!

When all was said and done, and the final scores counted in verified, there could be only one winner. But before we got there, the small matter of where the Wooden Spoon went to was to be announced. Moore’s Missiles stepped up to claim their prize, and lifted their Wooden Spoon aloft for all to see. That left the Buzz Lightyear’s, outstanding performers throughout the day, to jump forth and claim their spot as Team Challenge Company Champions, taking home the much coveted TCC Winner’s Trophy! It was an absolute pleasure to work with the entire team at Armstrong Medical, who really made this Team Building Day a great experience with all their enthusiasm and competitiveness throughout. A big shout out and thank you must go to Kathryn for all her hard work and effort in organising the session, it really was a great success. We at Team Challenge Company wish you and the entire team all the very best for the year ahead, and very much look forward to working with you all again soon – bring on the rematch!

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Jonathan Hazley

A wonderful day of Trade to Win Team Building with the fantastic Team from Armstrong Medical. Personal highlights include the Helium Stick (which proved quite challenging!), and the brilliant marketing pitches...very entertaining. It was an absolute pleasure working with the entire team from Armstrong Medical, and very much look forward to seeing you all again soon



Huge thanks to Robbie, Johnny & Dom your enthusiasm and the seamlessly efficient running of the day made it hugely enjoyable (being on the winning team helped too!). A great day!



What a fabulous way to spend the day in such a beautiful location as well. Just a quick note about the rocket we didn't manage to retrieve, The Royal Navy last tracked it on their sonar just off the coast of Calais, France. The search continues haha. Thank you to the two teams who were absolutely fantastic on the day, each game was extremely enjoyable! Hope to see you soon for the re match



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