Ultimate Game Show Evening Entertainment with Certas Energy

Posted: Sep 25 2014

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The time came for Certas Energy annual evening entertainment at Gelnbervie House Hotel and this year it came in the form of the brand new Ultimate Game Show! A brand new event that takes in some of our favourites from Team Challenge Companies Quizzes!

The guests were treated to one game from the game Pressure Zone, the very tricky and frustrating Drop Zone. The player must roll a red ball along a ledge and have it drop down a hole at the opposite end. The ball must remain in contact with the surface at all times in order to count. Some find this so difficult, when it shouldn’t be, that they have to have go after go. The game show rounds came in thick and fast and the answers got more and more ridiculous... could the pressure not be handled? One guest was asked in the sports round who said this and they're answer was Alex Salmond! The guests also had the chance to enjoy Higher or Lower, Dingbats, Complete the Chorus, Guess the Soap Star, Memory Test, Alphabet Challenge and Name the TV Theme Tune.

The final scores were in... The atmosphere was tense, you could've cut it with a knife! The last place team was ... The Donkeys! Well done for such a great effort! However, there could only be one winner and in first place.. THE UNDECIDED with a whopping 6600 points!! We would like to thank Claire for making the evening happen! From everyone at Team Challenge Company, thank you so much for a brilliant evening!

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