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Team Building in the Digital Age

January 7, 2022

Employee relationships are a hugely important aspect of any business and can be complicated to navigate, particularly in large teams with multiple personality types or busy working spaces where employees don’t get much of an opportunity to learn about each other. These relationships are the foundations on which businesses are built.

If you have a team that communicates poorly, this can lead to a breakdown in services offered and potentially lead to loss of business. Our modern-day activities are a fantastic way to promote growth in your tech-orientated employees with a host of tablet and smartphone team building events designed to strengthen working bonds and employee relations.

Our challenges are unique and offer a creative, memorable way to bring your employees together in an enjoyable, relaxed environment, with a light bit of competition between teams to fire up the competitive spirit.

Team development events have evolved over the years and we are proud to offer several digital-based tablet and smartphone team building activities that, via the gamification method, have been proven to decrease learning time, increase knowledge retention and overall improve learning and development. Teams will quickly be able to recognise each other’s strengths in addition to learning to rely on and trust each other to complete certain tasks to ensure they win their challenge.

Tech-Based Challenges

A long-time favourite has been the GPS Treasure Hunt, which is an interactive experience that sees teams navigate a series of virtually triggered checkpoints using a GPS tablet (provided by Team Challenge Company). The experience can be customised to your chosen venue/city and bespoke challenges/questions added that are relevant to your business and/or team. A fantastic way to promote communication skills, innovative thinking amongst employees and get office-based workers out and about.

In our Peak Performance experience; a 20-day expedition to the peak of Mount Everest and back (lasting between 2 – 3 hours) teams must make potentially “life or death” decisions day to day based on supplied information on the surrounding area while factoring in their available supplies, fitness levels of the team, weather, acclimatisation and other “survival techniques” for making it through this exhilarating journey. It is an exceptional team building tool, designed to challenge players’ attitudes towards important decisions while promoting critical thinking and positive communication between team members.

Tailoring To Your Expectations

All our Team Building events can be adjusted to your requirements or personalised to promote learning about a specific or range of products, services offered and more.

We pride ourselves on providing a completely bespoke service that leaves positive, lasting memories for your employees/team while building on our values of Reliability, Trust, Honesty, Passion and Creativity.

Our expert management team are eagerly waiting to talk to you about your next team building event, contact us 03300 04 09 03 or via the online enquiry form.

 03300 04 09 03 
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