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Why Choose Escape the Mob for Remote Team Building?

August 7, 2021

As a business, you naturally want to have the best employees working together to create the best teams that all work together to achieve one common goal. However, that doesn’t just happen overnight; it takes time to develop a dynamic within the team where every member is familiar with the role that not only they play, but that of everyone else, too. 

As has been the case in 2020, the move towards remote working patterns has seen the need for team building events to be more flexible than ever. Here at Team Challenge Company, we are proud to host our virtual escape room event, Escape the Mob, which challenges teams to work together via an app and online conference platform to solve puzzles, crack the code and escape. 

What is Escape the Mob? 

Escape the Mob is an online escape room game that is perfect for developing team-building skills for remote teams, regardless of whether they have been used to sitting side-by-side in the office or have never met in person. The game comes with a duration between one and three hours and is suited to a minimum of eight participants, but it can accommodate as many players as you wish. 

The game begins with a mysterious video which informs the teams that they have been incriminated with the perfect heist; being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Teams will compete against each other to solve puzzles, aiming to accrue the most points to win the game, but they will also collaborate in a joint effort to clear their name. 

An online facilitator will guide participants through the event and the Escape the Mob app will present different challenges for players, no matter where in the world they are. Teams must communicate and work together efficiently and effectively to solve the puzzles and win the game, calling on creative, outside-the-box thinking. 

The event comes to a gripping finale as teams that were competing against each other to win the game must come together to crack the final code and escape the mob. 

The Key Benefits of Escape the Mob 

Key benefits of the Escape the Mob escape rooms team building game include collaborative problem solving, thinking outside the box, recognising individual strengths and developing team dynamics and bonding. These are just some of the skills that are synonymous with all great teams that work together to achieve a common goal.

The Escape the Mob event helps teams and individuals to recognise their roles and help them piece together the different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. No two people are the same, and if everyone had the same strengths, that likely means they would have the same weaknesses – leaving a considerable gap in the team. 

Teams that are unable to communicate and collaborate will be unlikely to succeed in the Escape the Mob challenges, forced to watch on as the other team claims victory. Ultimately, with the aim of the game being to crack the code and escape, the winning team will be reliant on the others to work as a unit to solve the final puzzle – all it takes is for one person/team to let the side down. 

Taking Back into the Workplace 

The lessons taught as part of the Escape the Mob team building game can be taken back into the workplace – or online workspace in the case of remote teams. Being tasked with communicating and working together across online platforms and competing against other teams will help your members of staff to learn how to communicate and work efficiently online without having the luxury of sitting in the same office. 

Taking part in the game can also help newer members of the team to come out of their shells and realise their place in the team, developing and improving the overall dynamic of the team. As walls begin to crumble, the potential of the employees and team begins to be realised and met which, ultimately, is a positive for the business - both from a human and commercial perspective. 

Contact Team Challenge Company Today 

To learn more about our Escape the Mob game, or any of our other remote escape rooms for team building events, please get in contact with a member of our team today and we will be more than happy to help. Team Challenge Company has been hosting team-building events for almost two decades, delivering more than 400 high-quality products. 

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt their working patters, which is why we have created remote team building services that are designed to ease the bedding-in period as you adjust to this new way of working. 

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