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A.G. Barr

The Brief

An entertaining team building experience for the sales and management team to encourage creativity and competitive spirit. The experience should reflect A.G. Barr's day-to-day business activities and incorporate the company values 'Barr's Behaviours' throughout the event.

The Solution

Our events team spent over six weeks developing an event that would bring 'Barr's Behaviours' to life with every detail considered, even down to the wording of event briefing documents which reflected the company's writing style. On the grounds of Airth Castle, staff were challenged to develop Formula 1 racing teams, where not only did they have to build their karts, but had to 'create a business' which reflected one of the Barr Behaviours. To secure funding to build their kart teams had to deliver a Dragon's Den style pitch for their new racing team. To be successful, they had to demonstrate how their racing team, including their logo, strapline, racing tactics and finances, all connected to their chosen Barr Behaviour. A.G. Barr has booked several events with Team Challenge Company, including health and safety workshops for their drivers and logistics managers.

The Outcome

"A big thanks to you and your team for making the day fun as well as relevant to our business. The feedback has been positive from across the team, pleasing everyone is challenging and you guy's pulled it off! "This was probably the best team activity we have ever done, I loved the way everyone got involved and how you incorporated Barr Behaviours throughout the day."

Stephen Ramage

Regional Business Manager

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