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On arrival to the Aker Solutions Fun Casino Night the 100 strong guests walked up the red carpet and were greeted with a welcome cocktail served by two beautiful Casino Show Girls.  The night couldn't begin however until Lucy unvailed Daniel Craig and it wasn't a disappointment to the onlookers.With the room fabulously decorated and the mood lighting set to warm amber glow the gambling began.  There was a lot of choice at this wonderful casino-themed evening, you could choose from Blackjack, Roulette and Texas Hold'em. 

During the evening the Show Girls were selling raffle tickets to raise even more money for charity and with brilliant prizes to give away it was an easy sell.The early loser of the evening was Kevin (King Kev) however he bounced back on the Blackjack table and accumulated over £800 in a few hands, it was short lived though and he continued his YoYo gambling throughout the night.

There was a small rest bite at 9.15pm when guests were refuelled with stovies but it wasn't long before they were back and gambling at full tilt once once.Results 5th Place Chris £250 4th Place C. Hamilton £875 3rd Place Pauline £900 2nd Place Kevin £1090 1st Place Frank £1485   The evening entertainment had been a massive success, with all in attendance thoroughly enjoying their evening, all whilst raising as much money as possible for charity. A big thank-you must go to Lucy and the rest of her team for all the amazing hard work and effort that went in to organising such a memorable night  Congratulations, and we at Team Challenge Company wish you all the best with all your future fund-raising endeavours.

It can be difficult to get back into the working mindset after the holidays and it might even feel as though you’ve not seen your colleagues for months, even though most of us only had one week off. Corporate fun days could be the solution to all your problems - get back in the swing of things by booking a corporate fun day.

The New Year might be a manic time for your business and staff will need to work hard to reach their goals but it's still important to make time for a corporate fun day. There are various places to go and many different activities to do, so increase productivity, build trust and boost morale by taking part in team activities.

Fun Day Activities

Getting out of the office is guaranteed to make team building successful, and if new employees are starting it’s also a great way to break the ice. There are various activities that can allow staff to let their hair down and prepare for the working year ahead. Team Challenge Company offers plenty of fun opportunities for everyone in the workplace.


Let the inner child out by playing inflatable laser tag or try to win the gladiator duel. If you’re still feeling a little festive, have a dance in the disco dome or test your physical abilities and work as a team to play human table football. Inflatables aren’t just for children and it’s sure to get rid of those winter blues.

Indoor Games

If you’d rather stay inside you could beat your colleagues on the driving simulator or at the longest putt. Simulators can test your mental skills whilst also allowing you to have a great time. 

Motorised Activities

Step out of the office and on to a Segway or quad bike. Motorised activities can improve coordination and allow staff to get competitive in a friendly environment. Blind 4x4 driving could help to heighten senses and allow colleagues to build trust in one another.


Gather everyone to see the magician or the fire performers - they will all be able to enjoy the atmosphere and it’s certainly better than being stuck in the office feeling low. Laugh away the winter blues with a clown or get close and personal with falcons for a unique experience to remember.

There are plenty of chances for everyone in the office to enjoy a corporate fun day; the winter blues won’t be a problem for long. For more information, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

Team Challenge Company ventured south to Woburn for a beautiful afternoon at the stunning Sculpture Gallery.

Here we would be hosting our extremely popular Team Building activity, the Crystal Challenge with Premier Foods! With various independent and team based challenges, the tensions were high and the competition was fierce- let’s see how well they got on!

The teams got stuck right in as they put on their Chicken, Fox, and Farmer costumes to cross the lake before trying their strength at Hit the Nail. After completing the Labyrinth, the teams struggled with the Jigsaws, which not one team managed to successfully complete! Neil got the record at the (somewhat slippery) Flag Race with 11.8s, with Phil close behind at just over 12s.

We moved inside for the final few challenges, in which all teams performed admirably. The Interlocker challenge was first completed by One Direction, with Goldilocks and the 3 Bears close 2nd. Shortly after 2 Unlimited finished, but unfortunately Forking Brilliant ran out of time with only one piece remaining. During the NASA challenge that followed it became clear that One Direction were space enthusiasts, as they got 9/15 items in the perfect order, as opposed to Forking Brilliant who came last with just 3 items in the correct position. The Hole-in-One was a difficult semi-final but SJ stepped up for team One Direction and managed to claim a Crystal!

After lots of blood, sweat and tears, we got to the Finale! Counting up the teams crystals for their time allowance in the Crystal Dome. After some accusations of Zade cheating were cleared up, he was given a 2nd attempt and it was time for the final scores.

Forking Brilliant
 finished with £120
One Direction
 pulling ahead with £320 
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears placed 2nd with £400 
2 Unlimited won the Crystal Challenge coming out of the Crystal Dome with an impressive £960!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Shaf for organising the event and look forward to seeing you all next time!

It was a typically Scottish afternoon at Melville Castle for the Embrace Group away day. The group were experiencing one of our Country Pursuits events, with mixed results across the various challenges we set them in their pursuit of the Team Challenge Company trophy.

First up for the teams was the Archery. Following a practice session and some coaching from our instructors it was time to get down to the business of the competition. With Paction and the Last Leg team playing their jokers it was important to get off to a good start, and after the first round they occupied 1st and 2nd places. 

That wasn’t the end of it though, and in a result that was to set the tone for the day The Village People managed to pop all their balloons in Round 2, and then got nearest to the bull in Round 3 to take the overall victory, with Jean and her “Weejie Edjits” 4th place at least showing they were wise to have saved their joker for later.  Next up was the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, and with performances in practice ranging all the way from terrible to abysmal, it was no surprise when all the teams opted against using their joker on this round. 

It may well be looked back on as a missed opportunity though, as with performances greatly improved Last Leg took the victory with 26 points, with The Village People taking 2nd place only after a single clay shoot off following a tie on 23 points with Paction.

The group moved onto the Obstacle Skis, and the Assault Course Finale, and with jokers still available for The Weejie Edjits and The Village People all four teams were ready for the challenge! We’re still not sure where it came from, but The Weejie Edjits wasted no time in tearing down the course to win comfortably, and with double points for their win! There was just 200 points separating first and last ahead of the high energy, high pressured, Assault Course Finale.

With thanks going to Dawn & Sue for arranging the day, it was just left to The Village People to take the spoils and lift the Team Challenge Company Trophy! We hope you all had a great day and look forward to seeing you for the rematch when The Weejie Edjits will be looking to set the record straight and avoid a second wooden spoon!

On Monday the 5th of September 2016, Team Challenge Company had the absolute pleasure of entertaining Cineworld Cinemas with one of our highly competitive ‘Pressure Zone’ events.

The guests arrived at the fantastic Pennyhill Park, Balmoral Suite, where they were met by our team accompanied by an assortment of drinks. The guests were then split into two teams in order to go head to head in the aim of winning the prestigious Team Challenge Company Trophy!

The two teams competed for head to head in a variety of skill-based games within the pressure zone arena… Everything is harder in the pressure zone arena!

Some of the games which the teams really enjoyed included swap box, a skill-based game in which the teams had to swap coloured balls between different coloured containers which required both speed and mental accuracy to complete effectively. Another included Splash where the teams needed a steady hand and excellent accuracy in order to drop a small ping pong ball down a nine-foot tube into an even smaller tube which sure did prove a difficulty for some.

Both teams gave it their absolute all with the standard of success being very high due to their determination and teamwork. However, only one team could be crowned champions... 

Team 1 – “The Winners” were presented with the Team Challenge Company Trophy after managing to extend an edge on their opponents.

An excellent and successful event was had by all due to the efforts of Cineworld Cinemas which transcended into an enjoyable evening for Cineworld and Team Challenge Company alike. We at Team Challenge Company would like to take this opportunity to thank Cineworld for their efforts on the evening and look forward to working alongside Cineworld in the foreseeable future.

The fantastic Hamilton Park Racecourse played host to another wonderful Summer BBQ Fun Day for our guests at CCG Construction, with this year’s activities and entertainment bigger and better than ever before, ensuring a really memorable day for all who attended.

There was certainly a sense of eager anticipation as our guests began to arrive around midday, and they were not to be disappointed as they looked out on a sea of amazing Corporate Fun Day activities to enjoy – it was clear from the start that this was to be an exciting and fun-filled afternoon for all.

From our Giant Candy Slide to the Human Demolition inflatables, and from our Circus Workshop Arena through to our ever-popular 4-bed Bungee Trampolines, there really was something for everybody and our guests wasted no time in playing on all that lay in front of them.

The Pedal Buggy Race Track proved enormously popular throughout the afternoon as children (and lots of adults!) geared up to race around our inflatable track for the chequered flag, with plenty of competitive Corporate Fun Day races right throughout the afternoon! Indoors, the Crazy-Putting green was also a big hit, especially with those budding Rory McIlroy’s who knew exactly where to line up for the perfect hole in one!

As the afternoon of summer fun rolled on, our competitions on both the Archery and Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting drew massive crowds, all vying for a shot at glory and to take home the much-coveted Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy.

The Archery competition was up first, with some fantastic first and second round shooting to bring us to our grand finale on the Balloon Burst! It was a tight run thing, but eventually, young Mark stepped up and from nowhere struck gold to send the crowds into rapturous applause as he was hailed ‘King of the Archery’. The Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting saw a similarly tight contest, as the fastest trigger-fingers around all battled to be crowned the champ! There could be only one, as the Mighty Phil stepped up to fire a cracking shot and hit the final clay, and a CCG Construction legend was born! Well done to both our winners on the day!

As the afternoon began to come to a close, there was time for plenty more entertainment across all our activities and games. And as our guests began to depart, it was clear that all guests from CCG Construction had enjoyed a truly fantastic afternoon of summer fun. A big shout out and thank you goes to Natalie for all her hard work in organising such a brilliant event – it was a pleasure to work with you and all at Hamilton Park Racecourse, and very much look forward to seeing you all again next year for the annual CCG Construction Corporate Fun Day.

The fantastic Hastings Europa Hotel, located in the heart of the city of Belfast, played host to a fantastic and fun-filled afternoon of team building for over 200 team members from PWC, as they took the sunny streets of Belfast to compete in our incredibly popular GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt event. 

There was a sense of nervous excitement in the room as our guests came back from morning conference to be briefed on their afternoon activity, but any pre-match nerves were quickly washed away as the 25 teams were handed their tablets and they headed out the doors on to Victoria Street to start their adventure!

There were so many brilliant highlights throughout the afternoon, far too many to mention, but we have included some of our favourite below and would be delighted to hear your greatest highlights in the comments section below. 

From Team Sonic and Mortal Kombat’s ridiculous selfie-faces through to Team F1’s tremendous message centre banter, and from jumping into fountains (or, if you were Team Doom, being stopped jumping in) through to sensational MTV movie videos, they afternoon really was one to remember. My own personal highlights included the enormous array of answers we received to the Wayne Gretzky question, as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s ‘happiest man in the world’ Team Photos – what legends!

As our teams streamed back into the Grand Ballroom of the Hastings Europa Hotel, and handed back their tablets, there was a huge anticipation as to which team would walk away victorious. Before the trophy presentation, our guests enjoyed viewing all the photos from all teams throughout the day, many of which were greeted with big cheers (and plenty of laughter!), and which really brought all the entertainment of the afternoon to a grand finale!

It was then time for what we had all been waiting for – to find out which team would be crowned champions! But first, we had the Wooden Spoon presentation, which went to Team PGA Golf with 345 points! There were huge cheers as we read out the teams that didn’t quite make it to the top of the pile, and then we had the top 3…! In 3rd position, with 642 points was Team Solitaire, just pipped by 2nd place finishers Sim City on 645 points. But in the end, the much-coveted Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy went to ‘Kelly Brook snappers’ Crash Bandicoot with a sensational 660 points – SENSATIONAL!

All in all, a fantastic afternoon of team building had been enjoyed the entire PWC team, and our GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt and proved a big success! A massive shout out and thank you must go to Stephanie and Ronan for all their efforts in organising such a brilliant day – well done to you both. We very much hope the entire PWC team enjoy flicking through all the photos and videos from the day – hope these bring back some great memories, and very much hope to see you all again soon for the re-match!

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