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Corporate Fun Days to Blow Away the Winter Blues

January 25, 2018

It can be difficult to get back into the working mindset after the holidays and it might even feel as though you’ve not seen your colleagues for months, even though most of us only had one week off. Corporate fun days could be the solution to all your problems - get back in the swing of things by booking a corporate fun day.

The New Year might be a manic time for your business and staff will need to work hard to reach their goals but it's still important to make time for a corporate fun day. There are various places to go and many different activities to do, so increase productivity, build trust and boost morale by taking part in team activities.

Fun Day Activities

Getting out of the office is guaranteed to make team building successful, and if new employees are starting it’s also a great way to break the ice. There are various activities that can allow staff to let their hair down and prepare for the working year ahead. Team Challenge Company offers plenty of fun opportunities for everyone in the workplace.


Let the inner child out by playing inflatable laser tag or try to win the gladiator duel. If you’re still feeling a little festive, have a dance in the disco dome or test your physical abilities and work as a team to play human table football. Inflatables aren’t just for children and it’s sure to get rid of those winter blues.

Indoor Games

If you’d rather stay inside you could beat your colleagues on the driving simulator or at the longest putt. Simulators can test your mental skills whilst also allowing you to have a great time. 

Motorised Activities

Step out of the office and on to a Segway or quad bike. Motorised activities can improve coordination and allow staff to get competitive in a friendly environment. Blind 4x4 driving could help to heighten senses and allow colleagues to build trust in one another.


Gather everyone to see the magician or the fire performers - they will all be able to enjoy the atmosphere and it’s certainly better than being stuck in the office feeling low. Laugh away the winter blues with a clown or get close and personal with falcons for a unique experience to remember.

There are plenty of chances for everyone in the office to enjoy a corporate fun day; the winter blues won’t be a problem for long. For more information, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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