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Avenger: The A Team

January 17, 2019

Think of one team that is a model for all others; one team that, against the odds, manages to stick together, overcome all obstacles, and succeed.

What team comes to mind?

The Avengers!

You might not have realised that Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are the epitome of teamwork, but if you look at just a handful of the team members, and how they interact with one another, you'll understand.

So read on to see which Avengers play what role in the team, and why your team should aspire to be the same.

Captain America - Team Leader (Mr. Motivator)

Captain America is the all-round do-gooder, making sure the job gets done properly and that the team is ready and raring to go. By name and by nature, he is the team leader, steering the Avengers in the right direction and ensuring they embrace their skills or put their differences aside for the greater good. Of course, he is also Mr. Motivator, but we don't mean the 1990s' spandex-laden variety; we are referring to the pep talks and inspirational speeches Captain America makes to enthuse his team. This is the kind of can-do, all-for-one attitude every team needs, whether it comes from their team leader or another influential personality in the group.

Black Widow - The Negotiator

The Black Widow has a slightly ominous name and what can only be described as a unique skill set, but in the Avengers movies she is the voice of reason. Tough, smart, and resourceful, she isn't afraid to get the job done - something any worker, in any sector, should be inspired by - but she is also the calming influence on the Hulk, and the articulate, emotionally-adept counterpart to more action-orientated team members, such as Captain America and Thor. Negotiators like the Black Widow are essential because they can resolve conflict, communicate and clarify messages clearly, and generally have a positive impact on their team members and the relationships within that team.

The Hulk - Conflict

In his permanent Jekyll and Hyde state, the Hulk (or Dr. Banner as he is better known in his non-green form) is the embodiment of conflict. His inner turmoil and his two very different personalities are always at odds with one another, despite both being on the same side. And how does Dr. Banner/the Hulk manage to curb and embrace his green side? With the help, support and encouragement of his team! Yes, without teamwork in all its glory, the Hulk would be left loose to roam about wreaking havoc.

Iron Man - The Man with a Plan

Iron Man: the suit with an answer to everything. Inside this sharp-witted superhero suit is the businessman and mastermind, Tony Stark (of Stark Industries). Stark made his millions by being good at business, developing all sorts of technologically advanced programs and prototypes, and eventually building his own superhero suit. Once he became Iron Man, Stark began seeing things a different way, using his incredible problem-solving skills and extraordinary intelligence to help the Avengers overcome obstacles. As such, he has well and truly earned his title of man with a plan. Every team needs a problem-solver, whether that is somebody as technically minded as Stark, as fearless as Iron Man or simply someone who thinks just far enough out of the box.

Thor - Energy

Yep, with "all the power of the storm, from all the world" flowing through his veins, it makes sense that Thor represents the energy of a team; after all, he is electric! Any good team needs someone to ignite a spark and get things moving, and for the Avengers, Thor is that somebody. When things really start to kick off, the team can count on this warrior god to go all out and create just the right buzz to get them through. Whether your team is office-based or elsewhere, you will want someone who brings energy to the group. This will prevent the atmosphere from feeling flat and help everyone to feel enthusiastic about being part of a group.  

And there you have them; The Avengers.

They save the world on a daily basis, and that is testament to the strength and cohesion of their team. Each member has their skills and the personalities find a way to work together for the benefit of all.

So look at your team; identify their skills, take note of their points for improvement, and figure out what makes each member a superhero. Then invest time and energy into finding out how they work together best, either by paying close attention or even by treating them to a team development day.

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