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Belbin's Roles: The Plant

January 17, 2017

Working in a team can be difficult at times. Whether it is conflict or a lack of communication that is the problem, it is important to tackle these challenges head-on. In saying this, prevention is always better than a cure, so if you think problems will soon arise, put your best foot forward and resolve them before they worsen with a little help from Team Challenge Company

A few common tell-tale signs that there may be a problem in your team include continuous conflict between two or more workers and a serious lack of motivation on behalf of several team members. If you are struggling to identify the cause of issues within the team, it may simply be a lack of understanding. Recognising everyone's roles within the team is so important to the success of your business, as is respect for the work carried out by your employees.

The Plant

A lack of understanding can lead to confusion and frustration, therefore resulting in conflict further down the line.If you, as a manager, don't quite understand how employees work on a day-to-day basis, or if you are struggling to recognise individual roles in the team, don't fret.

Belbin's team roles are ideal for helping managers to see how their employees work best, and what they contribute to the team.Are you a manager struggling to get the respect of your team? Then why not fly over to these guys and up your managment game today!

In this blog post, we will look at just one of Belbin's team roles; The Plant.

Though not always practical in the way they think and the ideas they share, they could be described as the ‘life of the team'. They always have something to contribute, and clever yet wacky concepts are their specialty, even when it comes to corporate entertainment ideas. However, it is important to remember that too many Plants can stunt growth, as well as cause conflict. If you have too many ideas flying around the table from too many Plants, it can be difficult to make an impartial decision.

Creative and an ‘out of the box' thinker, the Plant specialises in idea generation and inspiration. Not only are they quite a dominant member of the team, but they tend to push the boat out when it comes to thinking of imaginative ways to improve a campaign or strategy.

Plants will often focus on the ‘bigger picture' instead of finalising the little details. This can be both a weakness and strength as it allows them to create a vision. However, overlooking details, no matter how minor, can put the team at a disadvantage.

If you have a couple of Plants in your team, remember to encourage them to take a project step-by-step; you should help them to see the minor yet practical details, so as not to rush ahead. This is just a short analysis of Belbin's Plant team role.If you are struggling to identify these roles in an office environment, why not study behaviour, strengths and weaknesses elsewhere?  Here at Team Challenge Company, we have a wide selection of team building days on offer, all of which can offer a greater insight into your team. For more information, get in touch today.

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