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Bringing Employees Out of their Comfort Zone

October 18, 2018

Have you ever imagined your workforce as a fully-fledged orchestra or a dramatic and exciting percussion band? Maybe you are pondering the fact that Steve in Accounts might not even know what a violin is or that Jill in HR wouldn’t know a musical drumstick from a chicken drumstick!

If you want an experience that is not only guaranteed to have your employees learning something new and improving their adaption skills but will also bring plenty of fun to the team, consider one of our music and rhythm activities for this year’s corporate Christmas event.

Not many people out there don’t love music. Whether it’s classical, world, rap, rock or R'n'B, people listen to music on their commutes, on holiday or just at home to relax. In fact, almost a quarter of 1,018 UK adults interviewed by the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education named learning to play a musical instrument as their main interest in further learning.

Check out some additional information below on what you can expect from one of our music and rhythm team building activities for your next work event!


In two hours, take your team from musically inept to musical maestros with our Orchestrate session. On arrival, guests will be offered an option of woodwind, string, percussion or brass instruments before getting separated into groups for the learning to begin under the direction of expert musicians and instructors.

Once the basics of each instrument have been mastered, instructors will teach each instrument group their part of a five-minute-long piece of symphony orchestra music, specially written for these events, before coming together for the whole room to perform.

The effect is incredible, inspiring and helps employees to realise their potential for focused learning. You may even notice some staff voluntarily take up instrument lessons after the event, which can be great for building confidence and developing personal skills.


If the thought of picking up a classical instrument makes your young team grimace, there is an alternative option that gives them a chance to improve their rhythm skills while getting involved in an exciting and loud musical experience.

BeatsWork has your team split off into smaller groups where they will learn the ins and outs of samba beats and breaks, under the guidance of a professional percussionist.

From here, they will carry out a variety of rhythmic warm-up exercises before learning to play each of the different drums and instruments. At the end of the session, the room will reunite to perform a spectacular samba band piece that will get even the least rhythmic person tapping their feet!

Whether you are planning your corporate Christmas event or would like to treat your employees to a fun experience for their hard work over the year so far, keep our rhythm and music activities in mind. There are plenty of benefits to encouraging your employees to step out of their comfort zone, whether you are trying to build confidence or improve their ability to adapt to new situations. If you’d like further information, get in touch with our friendly team on 03300 04 09 03 or contact us via our online form.

 03300 04 09 03 
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