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Encouraging Team Relationships through Health and Wellbeing

September 11, 2020

Whether you run a large company or a SME, if you have employees working for you, you are bound to know how important internal relationships can be when it comes to positivity, productivity and success. For this reason, employing a team of individuals who can bond with each other can be beneficial for the company - particularly when it comes to corporate event management.

One of the best ways to encourage friendly relationships between employees is to create a happy and positive environment. More smiles, more laughter, more good feelings, and as a result, stronger internal relations. Research has shown that both smiling and being health conscious can boost the release of "happy hormones" that make our brains feel good. Upon release of these hormones, our body can block discomfort and relieve feelings and thoughts of stress. Similarly, it is a great way to help us create and maintain positive relationships with other people.

Health Focused Sessions

The workplace can be a busy and stressful location, however, you can ease some of the daily concerns by incorporating gentle workouts like yoga sessions across lunchtimes or before the working day gets started. Alternatively, if your staff have a lot of internal meetings during the day, could you change the meeting format to include gentle stretches? Not only is this great for both physical and mental health, but yoga, in particular, is all about reducing stress and finding a positive balance between mind and body.

Is a Work/Life Balance Enough?

The work/life balance is important and it’s essential that your work life doesn’t blend into your personal life. That being said, if you enjoy the company of your colleagues, there is no harm in the blending of personal lives outside the workplace. Whether it’s a couple of nights a month spent in the local pub garden or a day out on the weekend to a big city or event, spending time together outside a typically stressful environment can do wonders for team relationships.

Team Building Activities

Where time isn’t available during the busy working day or hectic schedules don’t allow for regular social gatherings, putting aside a work day just for team building can be a good way to bring colleagues together.

Events can be tailored to your business' individual needs - it needn't be your typical run-of-the-mill icebreaker! To mix things up a bit, you could try an exciting treasure hunt or even challenge teams to build a boat!

If you are responsible for corporate event management and have been looking for team building ideas for your place of work, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our wonderful team on 03300 04 09 03.

 03300 04 09 03 
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