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Fun Quiz Round Ideas

January 28, 2019

Everyone loves a quiz! Whether it’s a Monday night pub quiz or a sizeable quiz to round up the year, we enjoy getting a chance to flex our general (and sometimes completely useless!) knowledge skills, especially when the chance to boast about being part of the winning team is on offer. If you’re considering putting together a quiz or want some inspiration for fun quiz round ideas, we’ve put together a fantastic collection of some of the best quiz rounds we’ve come across to help you get started.

Picture Rounds

Typically, a picture round will consist of a 'Name that X' game. Whether 'X' is a person, place, logo, brand or anything else, these types of rounds always go down a treat and make a good opener for your quiz to get teams warmed up. To deviate from the norm, think outside the box with your picture round and instead, ask teams to:

  • Name the famous landmark - from outer space
  • Correctly complete the drawing of the logo or brand
  • Name that Pop! figure (this one can get very tricky!)
  • Name the album cover 
  • Name the extract from a popular children’s book
  • Name the book from the cover
  • Put these famous faces in age order
  • Name the thing that has been photoshopped in or out of this famous image

These are just a few examples that differ from the normal 'name that celebrity' round and can keep your teams entertained and engaged.

Alternative 'Doing' Rounds

Before we get into the different kinds of fun question rounds you can do, consider these 'doing' rounds to keep your teams busy and entertained during your big quiz. You’ll have to consider time if you have quite a large number of teams in attendance, too, so consider setting a time limit for some games.

  • Smelling Round: Have a jar of sweet or sour smelling things (be sensible, though - you don’t want anyone to lose their lunch!) and have teams nominate either a team member to guess each different smell
  • Lego Round: This has a few different options. Whether you get teams to replicate a model in the fastest time, make the best 'X' (house, plane, dog, etc) or organise the Lego pieces in the fastest time, there is plenty of fun to be had!
  • Makers Round: Playdough or sculpting dough can be picked up fairly inexpensively in all the colours of the rainbow making it easier to designate a particular colour per team. Give nearby teams similar looking models to complete, i.e. alligator and crocodile, frog and toad, rat and mouse, and watch the chaos unfold. Some teams might try to cheat thinking the other team has the same build, but they will only lead themselves down the path of confusion!
  • Artist Round: Choose a random picture with lots of different elements to it (good examples include video game covers and album covers) and split it into a grid that you can uncover one section at a time. The teams designate an “artist” who must remain at the table, while the other team members go up one after the other and study a different section of the grid before returning and describing their section to the artist to fill in their blank grid, while the next team member goes up to study the picture, and so on

Traditional Question Rounds

Question rounds are the staple of the classic quiz, whether it's decade based, film and TV, movies, general knowledge or any subject you want to pick! They are bound to go down a treat and are easy to put together and low hassle to host, with no need to worry about people getting out of their seats. However, question rounds tend to be a lot easier to cheat on so consider a mobile phone ban during these parts of the quiz!

  • Who Said That? Name the actor who said the given line and what film they appeared in
  • TV Theme Initials. Take a popular theme tune with words and break it down into initials. For example, the theme to Friends would be S N O T Y L W G T B T W [C C C C C]
  • Connections. A set of 10 questions which all have linking answers. For example: What do you call someone with no teeth? Toothless. What is the name given to an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm? Hiccup. An informal classic English saying for a stupid person? Berk. And so on! The last question would be, “What links all these questions”, to which the answer in this example would be, “How to Train Your Dragon”
  • Guess the Celebrity from the Famous Daisy Chain. For example:  ____ Ford + Barry ____ = Betty White or ____ Gosling + Burt ____ = Ryan Reynolds
  • Name that Synonym. This can be a fun game that will invariably cause teams to kick themselves! For example: the well-behaved, the substandard and the hideous = The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Audio Rounds

Music rounds always go down a treat and are well received by most quiz-goers, however, they have been made easier with listening apps and readily available charts. To make the music round a little more challenging, you could mash up two songs together or create a one-minute track where ten songs are playing simultaneously (be prepared for a LOT of noise!) Alternatively, consider these ideas for your audio quiz round:

  • Name that Ghost. Play audio clips of different TV or movie ghosts and ask teams to name the ghost, the actor/actress playing the ghost or the movie or show the ghost appeared in
  • Covers. Find chiptune or midi covers of recognisable songs and use these in place of a normal music round
  • Name that Movie. A classic round, except this time you're using audio clips from films! Bonus points for naming the actor/actress speaking and the year of release
  • Strange Song Covers. Whether they are in a completely different genre, created using a different set of instruments or performed as an acapella recording, this will be a great way to test the teams' musical knowledge

Use these fun quiz round ideas as inspiration or incorporate them into your next quiz for a fantastic, fun-filled event. Alternatively, if you would prefer to leave the organisation to the experts, our professional team would be more than happy to help you organise your next corporate event or team building quiz. Simply get in touch with our experienced team on 03300 04 09 03 today or fill in our contact form online.

Quizzes can be great for remote team building, check out our further remote team building activities here.


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