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Get to Grips with Psychometric Profiling

January 28, 2020

If you find your team lacking motivation and struggling to succeed in the workplace, it could be that you need to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses in order to optimise productivity.

Team building events that use Psychometric Profiling can be really useful when it comes to this, enabling you to get the most out of your employees.

Psychometric Profiling is a method of team development which allows people to identify specific personality traits that are useful in the workplace. Team building events with psychometric profiling can be vital in helping you to reach a personal understanding of your personality and job role.

In turn, this enables both you and your team to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses and adapt the structure of your team accordingly.

Belbin Team Roles

Belbin Team Roles is a way of measuring behaviour and identifying behavioural strengths in the workplace, based on the belief that team members naturally seek out certain roles, performing better in those roles they are drawn to.

At Team Challenge Company, we provide a range of team building events that make full use of Psychometric Profiling.

Each comes with different benefits and boasts a range of activities that we have specifically tailored to suit the individual Psychometric Profiling methods.

So, what are the Psychometric Profiling team building events that we provide?

Our workshops help your team to become more effective, using Belbin Team Roles to help your team members maximise their strengths and control weaknesses. The focus is on achieving a balance between the different Team Roles, allowing you to make your team the best it can possibly be.

MBTI Personality Indicator

Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) is a method of classifying differing personalities in order to establish your strengths and working preferences. This promotes self-awareness and enables a developmental framework to be created.

MBTI is one of the most widely used team development strategies, providing a mixture of practical and theory-based knowledge

Our MBTI workshops start off with self-evaluation questionnaires which will define which personality type each team member is.

Then, throughout the course of the workshop, colleagues with similar and different personalities can work together to learn how each personality contributes to the team as a whole.

Colour Code Analysis

This method involves the representation of four main personality types as different colours. Our Colour Code Analysis workshops get your employees to identify the ‘colour’ of their colleagues, learning about what this signifies in terms of their personality. Employees can then learn from this process and find new ways to ensure effective communication is transferred across to the workplace environment.

Team Management Systems

Team Management Systems (TMS) focuses on understanding varying team skills in order to improve team performance. Participants highlight their individual existing skill levels, then work to find ways that these same skills can be used by the entire team in the future.

Neurolinguistic Programming

This practice utilises the connections between language, neurological processes, and learned behavioural patterns in order to reinforce positive behaviours. This method uses idealised behavioural models in order to show employees how they can adapt their work and increase efficiency.

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