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How Competitive is Your Team?

January 28, 2021

Being overly competitive is often seen as a negative thing – a trait to be avoided. However, a little bit of friendly competition can actually go a long way towards improving the overall mood and atmosphere of the workplace. Competitiveness, when kept under control, can encourage colleagues to meet their targets and work towards achieving goals together, as a team.

If you are finding that your team seems to be lacking that competitive spirit, team building dayscan help you raise the stakes and work towards improving the motivation of your team.

The Advantages of Competitiveness in the Workplace

Competition at work can bring a major boost to levels of productivity. Friendly competition can encourage employees to work just that little bit faster, motivating them to reach goals and targets before their colleagues. Friendly competition can also allow employees to push each other past their usual limits, helping them to achieve their goals both individually and as a team.

Another benefit of competitiveness is self-improvement. Although we are all about improving the team as a whole, it is important not to forget that happy, motivated and productive individuals are the key to a successful team. Competition can spur even the quietest employees on, helping them commit to improving their work. On the flip side, competition can help your workforce see the value of helping each other out, leading to increased communication and better workplace relationships.

Of course, some sectors and industries are naturally more competitive than others. For example, those in sales are far more likely to have both group and individual targets that need to be met as opposed to a research scientist, for example! However, this doesn’t mean that the competitive streak should be left to the few and neglected by the many.

Feel like stepping up the competition another notch? Why not make it into a real competition and introduce a small prize or reward?

The Role of Team Building Days

Team building days are the ideal way to introduce a sense of friendly competition back into the workplace. We offer a range of events and activities where your employees will be split into smaller groups in order to work together to complete tasks before the other teams - in a race against time.

With so many advantages to a spot of friendly competition, book your team onto one of our team building days in order to harness the power of competitiveness! Contact us today.

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