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How Do Learning Outcomes Translate into Business Growth?

June 26, 2020

Each and every one of the team building events hosted by Team Challenge Company comes with its own range of intended learning outcomes, designed to help develop everyone that participates. As well as working to improve the overall morale within a department through team building, the intention is for these specific learning outcomes to help develop your team into a well-oiled and efficient machine that easily translates into growth for your business..

Depending on the skills that you wish to develop within your team, there are a wide range of events and activities that can help. For example, if you want to bring out the creative side in your employees, you may organise a morning or afternoon on our Puppet Masters event, or if you are keen to unearth the next leaders in your business, the Beat the Box challenge will allow those with natural leadership skills to flourish.

 As well as participants learning more about themselves and their colleagues, our team building events also allows for business owners and the team leaders within to learn more about their team away from the typical work setting. This helps to develop the skills of members of staff and the team as a collective, as well as helping leaders to shape their department for the betterment of the future of the business.

Bringing the Best Out of Your Team

In order to realise the full potential of your team, you need to bring the best out of them. This means challenging them to collaborate and innovate to achieve a common goal, as well as supporting each other when completing individual tasks.

Over time, it is natural to slip into a comfort zone. The danger here is that output and quality can decrease when this happens. When an employee doesn’t feel challenged, this drop off is a natural reaction which is why our team building events challenge participants in multiple ways. With each member of your team working at full capacity, the sky is the limit for your business when it comes to productivity and output.

Creative Thinking

Creative team members have the ability to think outside of the box, designing and implementing new processes and ideas within the business. This can have the required effect of streamlining everyday tasks, allowing for more time and resources to be dedicated to expanding the business’ offering.

To bring out the creative side of your employees, there are a range of team building exercises that demand problem-solving and critical thinking outside of the usual work environment, which can yield fantastic results. Leave the office behind and work together as a team to construct a life-sized Formula 1 race car – which is exactly what participants on Flat Out: Formula 1 can expect.

Using a flat-pack kit of materials, small teams collaborate to construct a race car - complete with their very own branding – and are tasked with devising a race-winning strategy. Creativity and communication are essential for teams to be successful, as each member of the team is delegated individual roles, while all working towards the same collective goal.


Along with creativity comes innovation! Team members that can demonstrate an ability to adapt to change and lead the charge in an ever-changing marketplace are vital in today’s world. It is important for businesses to be seen to evolve with the times and keep pushing forward, and the same is expected of employees, who ultimately are the all-important cogs in the machine.

An event that best demonstrates the need for innovation is Chain Reaction; teams are tasked with turning a pile of recycled items into connecting supply chains to form one complete circuit. This calls on teams to not only understand the desired outcome of the task but to also visualize how they see the materials forming their section of the supply chain as well as being able to communicate with their team. It is only with all of these cogs in motion that a team will be successful in ensuring that all parts of the chain reaction work together cohesively.

Teams can expect to make plenty of modifications to their original plans and ideas, calling on on-your-feet problem-solving and communication skills to create a fully functioning contraption. All of this must be achieved within a determined timeframe, of course, where only the most innovative of teams prove to be the most successful.

Strategic Thinking

The ability to identify an opportunity is a strength that can and should be utilised within your business; staying one step ahead of the competition in even the most competitive of markets is essential for longevity. In every team, there should be at least one individual who is willing to take a calculated risk, having the self-confidence to voice their opinion and take the lead on strategy for both internal and external projects.

One of Team Challenge Company’s most popular events that require strategic thinking like this is The Infinite Loop. Teams face a series of challenges and puzzles with the mission of saving a man trapped in a digital world – this is as far removed from the normal workday as you can get yet will utilise and develop very real-world skills. Utilising scientifically verified learning techniques, this challenge relies on communication and problem solving to not only complete the mission at hand but to do so faster than competing teams.

Here at Team Challenge Company, our expert knowledge of our events and how they can benefit your team and your business means we are able to recommend the perfect team building event. Simply highlight the key areas for learning and development within your team and we can match these with events and products that deliver your desired result. Investing in your employees is an investment for the future of your business.

For more information, please make sure to get in touch with a member of our team today by calling us on 03300 04 09 03 or sending us a message via the contact page.

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