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How Team Challenge Company Can Help with Team Wellness

September 22, 2021

The past year has, without a doubt, been one of the most difficult times both professionally and privately as the effects of enforced lockdown restrictions have taken their toll on the mental wellbeing of the country, as well as the economy. While many teams have got used to working from home and not seeing their colleagues during the day barring the occasional Zoom call, many others have not been so fortuitous to have the option to continue working – either being placed on furlough or losing their employment altogether.

One thing is for certain and that is the pandemic has not been kind to anyone, with everyone suffering in one way or another. For businesses that are fighting to ride out the storm, it is essential that they can maintain a happy and healthy workforce who can continue to deliver results. When employees are struggling, either professionally or personally, this has a direct impact on the business’ commercial success.

Considering the Wellbeing of Your Team

Now more than ever employers must consider the wellbeing of their team. The pandemic has affected people in different ways – for example, the closure of schools has impacted parents’ through not only having to care for their children during the day, but also home-school them (thus making it difficult to work from home). It is the responsibility of the team leader to make themselves available to their staff, working towards a solution that works for all parties.

Whatever the circumstances of your staff, they have all had to endure a great amount of change over the past year (with constant changes as the weeks and months have gone on). This can affect your team’s wellbeing in terms of mental and/or physical health which can lead to feelings of tiredness, fatigue, and a lack of motivation.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we have long specialised in working with businesses looking to work on team-building skills, employee engagement, communication, motivation, and productivity. Working with our team can help to re-energise yours, even amid present circumstances.

Team Wellness

Team Wellness is a fun and engaging activity designed for teams working remotely with a focus on health and wellness. Working from home, as many workers have found, can come with feelings of loneliness and isolation without the usual social interactions that colleagues enjoy throughout the working day. Water cooler banter is replaced for staring longingly out of the bedroom window.

Remote working, especially for members of staff whose residence is not necessarily prime for working from home, can lead to unhealthy habits – such as staring at a screen for too long without breaks, a lack of movement (not stepping away from the workstation) and not taking time for themselves in the day, leading to a drop in energy levels. This is where Team Wellness comes in, encouraging remote teams to introduce healthy habits into their working day.

The activity, best suited to eight or more participants, helps to improve adaptability to change and the creation of a culture of continuous learning in the workplace. Colleagues will take part in fun activities which focus on a range of wellbeing topics, such as healthy eating, maintaining good posture, exercise, and the importance of incorporating small breaks. 

Outcomes of Team Wellness include demonstrating to participants how they can use their strengths for the benefit of the team, as well as developing communication skills. Your team will come away feeling more confident and with techniques to help them stay calm and maintain energy levels which will translate into better productivity. Participants will learn how to control the aspects of their life, such as their lifestyle and future.

Contact Team Challenge Company Today

For more information on how you can help to re-energise your remote team, please contact Team Challenge Company today. Our team building events can help to get your business back on track by providing your employees with the tools they need to be the best they can be - both as individuals and a collective unit.

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