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Is Team Building Still Relevant?

November 17, 2021

As we approach the end of another year, senior management and business owners up and down the country will be spending time evaluating progress over the last quarter, as well as looking back at the year as a whole. With so many technological advances in recent years, the workplaces that our staff members work in today are a much more exciting place to be than the offices of years gone by.

As businesses adapt to changes in the wider world, so, too, must the approach to employee training and development. Whether a small business or corporate, team building activities are still part and parcel of the workplace, albeit in varying forms and guises. We’ve waved goodbye to stuffy meeting rooms with trust falls and welcomed in with open arms much more exciting and innovative ways of developing team members outside of the office environment.

The Ever-Changing World of Team Building

For some businesses, there is still very much a need for internal team building activities – games and challenges within the workplace that encourage team members to work together and understand their strengths and weaknesses. However, much like our workplaces have evolved to changing times and technology, team building has, too.

The influence of television and pop culture is hard to ignore, and while we may not realise it, this has permeated into the world of team building – corporate or otherwise – and this is reflected in the types of events that are now on offer.

At their core, these events still serve the same purpose, encouraging interaction between team members and leading to better methods of communication through improved relationships, but they are delivered in a much more exciting manner.

You can now expect to take part in team building activities that are fun and challenging both physically and mentally, incorporating technology and smartphones and giving employees a day away from the office that truly feels like a break, not an exercise that used to be considered an afterthought.

Team Building Activities 

Here at Team Challenge Company, we are constantly evolving with the world around us to ensure that the events and activities we provide businesses (from SME through to corporate level) are high quality, well-organised and highly beneficial to all involved.

The benefits are numerous; from boosting morale, helping to highlight future leaders within your team and inspiring your workforce to remain loyal to you, team building can also give a much-needed boost to communication and creativity levels within the team.

What’s more, we are very proud to announce that we have partnered with Catalyst Global which means that you and your business are guaranteed world-class team building activities. We have a wide range of activities to suit the modern world, such as a GPS Treasure Hunt,, Highland Games, Soapbox Derbies, and much more.

In short, is team building still relevant? Had the industry not adapted to the wider world that we now reside in, then it may well have been left behind. However, the changes that have been made ensure that there will always be a place for team building and development in today’s digital world.

For more information about any of our events and activities, please contact our event team today on 03300 04 09 03.

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