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Motivating Your Team Members

February 27, 2021

Each member of your team is an individual with different goals and different personalities, so accordingly, there are many varying sources of motivation for the workplace. Corporate team events can be suited to fit the individual business needs and there are a lot of activities aimed at assisting every member of the team with their skills in communication, project planning and problem-solving.

Here are some activities that are bound to motivate everyone!

Do You Have a “Need 4 Speed”?

For those who are poor at time management, “Need 4 Speed” will help to improve this. A group of people will need to work together to build various different cars before time runs out. Each car also has its own specific features and bolt-on extras; a small mistake can result in being sent straight to the bottom of the leaderboard.

Build Relationships, “Trade Winds”

Work in teams to accumulate treasure - this is perfect for those who struggle with working as a team. Build relationships with the traders in order to gather vital market information. This competitive game works to improve customer service, help those who struggle in networking and also improves skills in risk management.

Get “In the Picture”

Everyone in the office wants to feel valued and included. For those who might be feeling a little left out, “In the Picture” will soon change their mind. Each attendee will have their photo taken at the beginning of the conference and throughout, plus there will be a logo or company message displayed using all the employee images.

This will make those who may feel excluded feel more comfortable and will also present a united, strong vision of the business. 

These are only some of the activities that Team Challenge Company offer for corporate team events - there are some designed to be done inside and out, meaning that they can be done all year round. Available across the UK, team building can improve any workplace.

Contact us for more information on booking the perfect team building experience for you. 

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