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Put a Spring in your Step with Team Building Events

March 24, 2020

With spring now here and the sun shining, it is a good excuse to take everyone outside for some fun team building events.

Winter is now a thing of the past and your team are noticeably happier, simply because the sun is still out when they leave the office. What better way to harness that positive feeling than by getting everyone out of the normal work environment?

Sitting inside the same four walls all day every day is bound to become a mundane exercise, no matter the job. A change of scenery mixes up everyone’s routine for the better and helps to break down any barriers that may exist between colleagues.

Family fun days are an excellent way of bringing everyone together in a fun environment. Not only does this help relieve some of the pressure on those with children, who would usually seek childcare in order to attend, but it provides fresh ground for colleagues to get to know each other outside of the workplace.

Corporate Team Events this Spring

Businesses are judged on results and a happy team is a productive one. Team Challenge Company offers a wide range of outdoor team building events that are designed to encourage colleagues to work together.

With events such as the soapbox derby, treasure hunts and Highland Games, a particular favourite for team building in Scotland, your team are guaranteed to have fun while learning the best ways to work and communicate with one another.

Small competitions encouraging everyone to get involved help build camaraderie, as well as provide many a talking point around the water cooler come Monday morning!

Boost Morale and Chemistry

Organising a corporate fun day gives your team something to look forward to. Not only can this serve as a treat for long-serving employees, it is also an effective method of integrating new members into the team.

When a new team member joins it can be a daunting prospect, especially if the team is relatively close-knit. Inviting new employees to join in boosts overall team chemistry, helping new recruits to work effectively within their new surroundings.

If, as a business, results have begun to slide and there is reason to believe that a high staff turnover may be the cause, this could be due to low morale. Businesses are prone to losing experienced and valuable employees due to poor morale. Through team building events, businesses can address this issue before it begins to have detrimental effects.

If you would like more information on the team building events that we can offer, contact us today on 03300 040903.

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