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Staff Development Ideas for the Healthcare Industry

September 28, 2021

There is no more rewarding profession than working in the healthcare industry. Knowing that the hard work you put in every day is saving lives and, because of that huge level of responsibility, the pressures that come with it are immense.

In other sectors and industries, if you have a bad day it means missing out on a sale or falling short of your profit margin but you can come back and do better the next day. In healthcare, so often you have just one shot to get things right. When it comes to staff development in healthcare, so much is based around the psychological aspects of the job, as well as on-the-job learning which can lead to opening new doors.

NHS Staff Development

The NHS offers staff at all levels Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities, which includes on-the-job learning, e-learning, courses and workshops and voluntary options. Depending on the area of responsibility, finding the time to dedicate to staff development can be extremely difficult, with staff working long and unsociable hours.

It is for this reason why, particularly for members of staff with roles of high responsibility, online training courses are popular. E-learning allows the member of staff to learn at their own pace, logging on as and when they get the chance. Not only does this allow for those workers who are unable to dedicate a set amount of time each week to continue with their professional development, but it also allows for others to complete a course as quickly as possible.

For a role that requires such a level of flexibility, access to these opportunities requires the same flexible approach to be adopted that enables all staff to achieve personal development in the healthcare sector.

Role of Nurse Educator in Staff Development

Staff Development in Nursing Management

It is no secret that one of the most important roles in the healthcare industry is that of the nurse. In many cases, this can feel like a thankless position with members of staff expected to tackle all kinds of challenges around the clock but, make no mistake about it, we are incredibly thankful for the role that nurses play.

Nurse educators are, in many ways, the unsung heroes of the healthcare sector. These are the members of staff that have dedicated their careers to helping other nurses be the best that they can possibly be. They are responsible for the development of the next generation of nurses that will be tasked with looking after the country. That is no small feat.

Away from creating and delivering an academic curriculum that teaches students what is required in an ever-evolving role, nurse educators also have a vested interest in the personal development of those they are working with. Working in healthcare is a demanding task, no matter what your role may be, and to make it as a nurse you have to have almost super-human qualities. As someone that has been there and done it, the role of a nurse educator in staff development means that they make themselves available to those they are mentoring to answer any and all questions.

Just as nurses are an integral part of the healthcare system so, too, are the teams that manage them. A strong nursing management team encourages nurses to work together to achieve a common goal, as well as helping teams to develop strong teamwork and communication.

Organisational qualities are essential to the success of nursing management and, perhaps more so than in any other industry, it is important nurses are provided with the opportunities they need to advance into managerial positions. Unlike in other sectors, to be a nursing manager you have to have had hands-on experience in the role – there is limited scope for transferable skills coming from outside of the healthcare industry, with the challenges that are faced by nurses being truly unique than any other profession.

Identifying future leaders, then, is essential and the best way of doing that is by providing staff development opportunities. This could be through additional learning, where the member of staff can earn relevant qualifications which allows them to open new doors career-wise, as well as volunteering and/or shadowing in other positions.

Just as in any other sector, when colleagues see their peers given the opportunity to progress this naturally makes them want to work harder to be afforded those same chances. That motivation encourages success and engages the team which is fundamental to any successful workforce. This will also encourage those members of staff to look at themselves and consider why they have not yet been chosen for those opportunities and how they can change that – this is when a productive conversation may be needed with management.

Team Building With Team Challenge Company

Here at Team Challenge Company, we have worked with teams from various industries, both in the private and public sector, and can assist in your efforts to provide staff development opportunities. With various events that can be tailored to suit your requirements, we can host a fantastic team building event both remotely and at your premises.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today either via our contact page or by calling the team on 03300 04 09 03.

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