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Team Building Starts in the Office

January 5, 2021

Team building isn’t just about getting out of the office once or twice a year for a round of fun activities or entertaining evenings. It should be a day to day initiative that business owners consider a significant aspect of running a successful company.

While corporate event management is important, staff that aren’t already interacting in a friendly manner around the office or property may cause a team building event to get off to a slow start with people reluctant to truly join in. That’s why it’s important to ensure everybody is able to work together positively and sufficient support is offered to employees even in situations where there are conflicting personalities.

There are a few ways to do this before you start planning a big corporate event or get together:

Encourage Socialising

Every business owner wants their organisation to be successful and bring in profit, however, to do this, you need a trusted team of hard-working staff. Encouraging your staff to consistently work hard can be difficult but allowing them the opportunity to be social throughout the day can have a huge impact on productivity. Not only will staff feel better valued but socialising can help build relations between team members encouraging better working relationships throughout the team.

Build an Office Playlist

Listening to music in the office? Technology is cheap these days so grab a Bluetooth speaker and let the staff set up their own playlist with their favourite artists. This helps staff get to know each other’s tastes and can have some surprising results with individuals choosing to swap their favourite songs or artists with each other. Personalities that appear to be contrasting may find themselves bonding over the favourite artists of their childhood.

Joint Lunches

Does your company have strict staggered lunchtimes or do staff have the freedom to come and go for a set amount of time? Giving your staff freedom around lunchtimes can encourage them to socialise with each other and get to know other team members in a more relaxed mood. Alternatively, offer to put on lunchtime events for staff, like a BBQ, takeaway lunch or even get staff out of the office with a walk or lunchtime jog.

Social Calendar

Encourage staff to be social out of work, they may take the initiative themselves but, if not, start a “social calendar” where staff can put forward events they are looking to attend, with an open invitation to others to join. Alternatively, staff could opt to host events and open it up to the team to join. 

The social calendar can be a physical pin-up on the wall where days can be blocked off or a digital calendar that allows out of hours additions.

These small steps can help staff find the positives in socialising without it needing to be a one-on-one conversation which can be awkward and uncomfortable for some people. Not only will this help staff work together but building these working relationships goes a long way in promoting productivity in the workplace and you’ll soon see an increase in the amount of work completed.

If you would like further information on corporate event management or team building in or out of the workplace, get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team on 03300 04 09 03. 

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