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The Benefits of Different Personalities Within a Team

March 2, 2017

In any professional workplace environment, you are always going to encounter a diverse range of people with different personalities.

In some cases, these personalities can end up contrasting greatly - leading to possible issues within your team. It is important to recognise these issues and head them off before they become serious, as this has the capability to divide your team and create a negative atmosphere.

Targeted team building events have the ability to combat such issues and ensure that your entire team is working together to their full potential.

Celebrating Individuality

Here at Team Challenge Company, we aim to appreciate different personalities and celebrate the varied roles that they can play within the team as a whole. After all, diverse personalities boast varying benefits as these personalities all come with different skill sets.

If everyone within the team had a similar personality, you would probably find your team being incredibly strong in certain areas but severely lacking in others. This is why it is so important to embrace variety and ensure that your team has a broad array of personalities across the spectrum.

Introvert or extrovert; expert salesperson, receptionist extraordinaire or IT whizz – regardless of each team member’s distinct strengths and weaknesses, once you begin to classify personality types, it then becomes much easier to start working towards creating a stronger team overall.  

Psychometric Profiling Team Building Events

Psychometric Profiling allows you to identify the personality type of each member of your team, using a variety of different classification methods. We offer specific team building events focused around Psychometric Profiling in order to help you make the most of your team.

So how does having a team of people with different personalities work in your business’ favour?

People with one specific personality type will automatically be better at different tasks than others with a contrasting personality type. Therefore, if your team contains members with each different personality type, you should have an equal coverage, resulting in an even spread of strengths and weaknesses. This then makes it easier to play to each individual’s strongest points, allowing you to divide out tasks in the workplace accordingly.

Team building events that utilise techniques such as Psychometric Profiling are also essential for ensuring that team members understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

This leads to a greater sense of unity within the workplace and should help your team to work together and distribute tasks more efficiently.

Embrace variety and welcome the differences - with team building events this spring.

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