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The Importance of Mental Health Support

July 10, 2019

We spend a lot of our day in the workplace, and possibly the majority of our time if you factor in the time taken to commute between home and work. That’s why it’s all the more important that businesses place a priority on positive mental health in their employees.

This doesn’t mean catering to every annual leave request when it leaves you short staffed, but you could offer more opportunity for a better home/work balance and reward your hard-working employees with longer breaks or the odd afternoon off. Offering staff the opportunity to get involved with corporate event management can be beneficial and opens up options for team building in and out of the workplace.

Mental health is more than being ill, it is affected by our social, psychological and emotional well-being and covers all aspects of having a “low-feeling” day to disorders such as depression and anxiety.

We break down some options for businesses to offer good support for their employee’s mental health;

Making Reasonable Adjustments

If someone is struggling in the workplace, is there the option for them to work from home? Or could they be given space to work in the office without a constant need to micro-manage, although this may not always be possible with certain employees.

Alternatively, changing working hours so employees who are struggling with the social aspect, so they work less sociable hours or start earlier or work later. Working with employees to provide reasonable adjustments to their working day is a great way to offer good mental health support.

Allowing Employees to Excuse Themselves

Sometimes if someone is going through an internal struggle or experiencing high levels of stress, feeling like they are stuck at their desk can only exasperate their issues and lead to more stress. By allowing employees to excuse themselves from the room or from certain events allows them to feel more control and can help them take the space to calm down.

Team Building Opportunities

Good working relationships can be a hugely positive aspect of good mental health. Presenting your employees with the option for more social and team building opportunities can help build and strengthen the bonds between colleagues. Get staff involved in corporate event management and let them decide between them how team building is best carried out and if there are any preferred activities.

If you’d like more information on team building opportunities across the UK, get in touch with our team building events team on 03300 04 09 03 or using our online form.

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