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What Are the Objectives of Staff Development?

July 1, 2021

Businesses that engage in staff development programmes do so with a simple objective in mind; to improve the productivity of the team and, with that, the business as a whole. Of course, that is just one of the objectives of staff development and it would be a disservice to simply leave it at that.

All businesses that invest in the development of their employees enjoy a positive culture – one that encourages all members of the team to go above and beyond, striving to improve themselves both professionally and personally. In contrast, businesses that do not invest in training and development often lose their most talented employees to competitors, as well as seeing company results fall considerably short of targets.

How Does Training and Development Improve Employee Motivation?

When an employee feels as though their employer cares, demonstrated by investing in their development, it serves as motivation to continue to work and climb that professional ladder. Humans are naturally ambitious and seeing a clear career path, especially within the company they are employed by, means that there is always another target to strive for.

That’s why, where possible, many businesses prefer to promote from within as opposed to hiring from outside of the company. By giving the opportunity and entrusting one of their own with extra responsibility, not only does that have a positive effect on the member of staff receiving the promotion, but it sends the message that anyone else can achieve the same level of recognition and success.

Training and development initiatives are what provide employees with the tools to take that next step. As well as developing skills and talents appropriate to their role (whilst also potentially being transferrable to other areas of the business), training and development will also have a profound effect on staff confidence levels. This boosted confidence is key for giving staff the impetus and drive to not only chase promotion opportunities but prove that they deserve one, further increasing productivity and business success. 

Helping Employees Realise their Potential

With the confidence of putting themselves forward for new opportunities, stepping out of their comfort zone and willingness to take on extra responsibilities, employees can reach their full potential. Rather than sitting at a desk for five days a week feeling unchallenged, becoming more and more disengaged as the weeks and months go by, employees would much rather feel challenged and stimulated by the work that they are doing.

Even the best employees can fall into the trap of simply going with the flow and it isn’t necessarily their fault. Much of the blame can lay at the door of the employer, who fails to recognise the talent within the team and/or develop the staff already on their payroll. Sooner or later, those employees will seek employment outside of the company to continue their professional development if they feel those opportunities are not afforded to them where they currently are.

Quite simply, if your company fails to recognise what the goal of employee development is and does not offer anything of the sort, you will lose the members of staff you want to retain and be left with those that are more than happy to get by with the bare minimum. This scenario will leave your business without future leaders, innovators, and drivers, which will ultimately reflect in company results.

How Team Challenge Company Can Help

If you are in a situation where you are trying to help your employees realise their potential, then why not give Team Challenge Company a call? Our professional team have years of experience in devising and hosting team building events tailored to each individual company’s needs. From indoor activities for a small number of participants to grand events where hundreds of employees can participate in the great outdoors, anything is possible.

Our team will liaise with you to discuss what you are hoping to achieve from any of the team-building events offered by Team Challenge Company, helping to determine which of our products are best suited to your team. If there is a particular event that you are interested in, whether that is something from our remote team buildingindoor events or evening entertainment packages, please feel free to get in touch and mention it. Regardless of your scope and goals, we will have an engaging, development-driven event which works for you.

For more information on our range of team building events and how they can help to achieve your staff development objectives, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team today. You can reach us by calling us direct on 03300 04 09 03 or by sending us a message via our contact page. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

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