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Why Choose the Big Quiz Online for Remote Team Building?

July 15, 2021

For companies looking at new ways and means of keeping remote teams engaged, recreating the same excitement and feeling of comradery can be challenging. However, just as businesses have been able to thrive and remain productive even without a physical base, maintaining high levels of employee engagement is still possible.

Some members of staff may feel isolated working from home, especially if they have been used to working in busy offices alongside their colleagues. With a lack of watercooler conversation, a remote team building quiz can fill the void by injecting a fun, social aspect to the working day.

Without some form of remote team building, employees can soon feel as though their colleagues are merely names that pop-up on a computer screen. Making a conscious effort to include time for team building goes a long way to ensuring that members of staff still feel part of a collective group.

The Big Quiz Online by Team Challenge Company

The Big Quiz is one of our most popular team building offerings and can be tailored to suit your business. All that is required is a minimum of eight participants and between one and three hours to take part in this exciting game show. In real-time, colleagues can either play with or against each other across a series of questions, including photo and video rounds.

As part of The Big Quiz, there will be a remote quiz host who oversees proceedings, adding fun and charm to this fast-paced, high-energy event. This makes the quiz a fantastic event to run during any lunch break, at the end of the day/week, or as a Monday morning energiser to blow those weekend cobwebs away.

How Does The Big Quiz Work?

Participants are invited to join via Team Challenge Company’s online video conferencing platform where they will be welcomed by the host. Each player will then be asked to download the Digital Quiz Answering System, which can be done anywhere in the world, allowing all remote colleagues to play in real-time.

The questions can be tailored and customised to suit your team which means before the event, you can create questions that are either centred around your business and/or industry, or simply around general knowledge. Not only can our remote team building event make for a fun way to spend an afternoon, but it can also be a relaxed way of integrating new members of the team into the company.

At the end of the quiz, when all of the points have been counted and a winner has been chosen, it is completely up to you how you choose to recognise such an esteemed achievement. Perhaps you might want to consider a reward for the champion and forfeits for those who made up the numbers – the choice is yours!

Why Businesses Love The Big Quiz

Businesses love The Big Quiz because it is just as effective in building rapport amongst colleagues as it is fun to take part in. Whether your members of staff are used to working next to each other, or if they have never had the good fortune to meet physically, The Big Quiz will help to break the ice between colleagues and establish a relationship that can be taken into day-to-day tasks.

For anyone who has recently joined the team or who may be struggling to strike up a relationship with their new colleagues through a computer screen, taking part in this real-time group quiz can do wonders for helping them to bed in. Away from the usual workload and no doubt feeling as though they are bothering their colleagues by asking what feels like a hundred and one questions, this social team building event can be the ideal platform for new starters to come out of their shell.

As well as all that, businesses who continue to invest in team building despite the remote nature of their work reap the rewards that come with employees feeling cared for by their employer. Without seeing staff day-to-day in the office, it can be easy to forget about the human side of the business. After all, these are people who are sitting in front of a computer screen for eight-plus hours a day, many of whom will be on their own and the communication with their colleagues being the only form of companionship they have throughout the day.

Team Challenge Company recognise the need for businesses to continue to look after their employees, which is why remote team building quizzes such as The Big Quiz have proven to be such a popular product from our offering. For more information on our remote team building services, please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team today.

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