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Why Corporate Social Responsibility Should Be on Your Business’ Priority List

March 26, 2020

Whilst we’d all like to think our company does everything it can to show the world our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), unfortunately, it’s not as effortless as we might be led to believe. If we’re being honest, most of the time we forget how much of a responsibility our businesses have to support others, especially around deadlines and crunch time.

Arranging and following through with a campaign to help the environment or local community takes time, effort and planning from all members of the team. However, at Team Challenge Company, we also like to remind people of the significant business benefits that come with corporate social responsibility. That's why we offer a range of CSR team building activities that focus on maximising your team’s unity whilst simultaneously contributing to wider society and embedding CSR values.

Here are some key reasons why investing in helping wider society should definitely be on your priority list.

It Motivates Employees

Taking part in local events and helping your community are always feel-good events for everyone involved. Though you may need to put time aside to plan it all, your team’s impact on a worthy cause and seeing the positive results of all your hard work will make your co-workers feel like they are doing something good, boosting morale and motivation within the office. Whether it’s raising awareness for underrepresented charities, fundraising for local causes, or supporting your community, your team will come away with a sense of fulfillment that encourages them to take pride in the business that they work for, improving employee retention and satisfaction.

It Makes You Look Good to Customers

When you’re a company in the public eye, you cannot go wrong with improving and reassuring customers of your public image. Showcasing a little CSR is the perfect way to go about doing that. Consumers work with businesses that they trust and perceive as genuine, so showing off your business’ human side with socially conscious efforts is incredibly valuable from a brand recognition perspective. If consumers are reminded of your business’ positive ethos and commitment to helping others, they are likely to associate your brand with positivity and consider working with you in future.

It Helps Employees Get Back into a Working Mindset

Giving your co-workers a day out of the traditional working process is always a gratefully received reprieve from the daily nine-to-five grind. The fun and social tasks of our CSR activities are a welcome change to employees. They are able to enjoy the challenge and fun change of pace. As your team’s goals are all short term, for the end of the day, there is added incentive to work closely with others and will feel more dedicated to completing their new goals. As well as an opportunity for improving teamwork, giving them a break in a fun and informal environment ensures they won’t feel too overwhelmed after a busy week. On Monday, you can be sure that everyone will return to the office feeling refreshed, more prepared to work towards personal targets with a clearer mindset.

It Builds Employee Faith in You and Your Company

In much the same way that the public can be swayed into your favour, social responsibility events show your workers that your business is not purely profit-motivated. As much as you want customers to perceive your brand favourably, making sure your workers also value their company and work is important for maintaining employee motivation and engagement. The people on the inside can better see how much of your own time and company resources go into planning help for these good causes, so your employees can better appreciate the effort you’re making.

It Reaffirms Your Company’s Values and Ethos

Your company should be confident in what it strives to do and how it presents itself to the world. Your company values act as guidelines for everything you do for your customers and community. Alongside the benefits to public image, CSR demonstrates your business’ selfless dedication to supporting people and causes that are in need. While striving to be socially responsible, our CSR activities here at Team Challenge Company make it easy to promote your positive contributions to the public. By supporting organisations and local people, you’re bound to generate interest and build confidence in your company’s brand, and including the public in your success is an all-but-guaranteed way to build your local reputation.

When you find yourself against the world, wanting to make a positive impact but not sure how or whether it’s worth the effort, just know that Team Challenge Company can help. Not only do we take all of the event planning and stress off your shoulders, but our brilliant variety of CSR team building activities have united teams and improved the public image of businesses throughout the UK for years. We’re experts in bringing employees together into cohesive, hardworking units and building brand recognition at the same time.

If you would like further information on corporate event management or team building in or out of the workplace, get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team on 03300 04 09 03.

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