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Year-Round Team Building

January 27, 2020

While the seasons can affect many things, they shouldn’t affect plans for team building days. However, every season is different and each can bring about various types of weather. Thanks to the great British weather, it’s not always clear what kind of weather it will be on any particular day, so it’s always better to plan in advance and go with the season.

There are many benefits to team building and plenty of activities that can be done both inside and out, so pick a season and allow it to influence your choice of activity. Here are some of our favourite ideas for fun team building events during each individual season.

Team Building in the Spring

Spring is many people's favourite season - it’s starting to get warmer and the days seem a little brighter. With that in mind, it’s the perfect season to venture outside. Alternatively, if you're faced with endless April showers, you could always stay indoors.

“Flat Out Formula One” is a team building game that can be played inside or out. While it’s perfect to motivate and unite the team, it’s also incredibly fun. The aim is to construct a Formula One car using a flat-pack kit in a given timeframe, decorating and branding it, then finally heading out for a drive on the track.

Corporate Fun Days in the Summer

As the perfect outdoor season, there is no excuse to stay indoors in the summer. The sky is blue, the sun is out and you should be too!

“Beat the Clock” is the perfect outdoor team building activity. The aim is to complete as many activities as you can in the shortest time possible. Set out in two stages, this game will help to break the ice between co-workers while allowing everyone to have a great time.

Stage one involves planning and refining the technique required to complete the challenge; stage two is where it gets intense and teams must complete their tasks before the clock runs out.

Interact with Your Team in the Autumn

As it starts to get colder, it can feel as though the outdoors isn’t the right place to be. However, it’s not all bad as there are still activities that you can do both inside and out.

To stimulate creativity and explore excellence, Revel Music is the perfect activity for both indoors and outdoors. The experience allows colleagues to come together and learn about music while taking part in a fun percussion workshop. Music has been used to help people bond and develop relationships for many years, so why not use this tried and trusted technique to bring your team together?

Develop Your Team in the Winter

No-one likes to venture outside in the winter unless they have no choice - even the thought can be enough to make you feel cold! Luckily, there’s no reason why you can’t work on your team building indoors.

“The Domino Effect” is the perfect indoor game, designed to improve negotiation skills and communication. The aim is to get creative and beat the opposing team. Each team will need to construct a domino rally before being given a box of obstacles to be placed alongside the dominos. Only on the completion of each task will an obstacle be removed and when each team has a clear track they can both set off their dominos. The winner will be the fastest one that correctly meets the criteria.

This just goes to show that you can complete your team building exercises at any time of the year, so don’t let the weather stop you. For more information on team building days or to organise one for your business, contact us today.

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