Posted: Oct 13 2016

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When it comes to successfully building and developing teams within a business, there are a number of key areas to focus on. These include the core skill-sets that are required to fulfil any given job role and the number of different positions to be filled within the team itself.

According to Belbin, there are nine different roles required within a team in order for it to be deemed a success. However, in the modern office environment, many employees encompass a number of these roles with others deemed not necessary at all.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we know that team building and integrated development is essential to the smooth running and success of any team, department or business. Not only that, but it is necessary for employee satisfaction, which, in turn, can lead to a higher level of function within the team.

While the majority of office environments are no longer stuffy and formal (where every minute of the day needs to be accounted for), there is a lot to be said for structure, job role clarification, and a working routine.

Know Your Roles

Before you can truly identify the strengths and weaknesses within your team, it is important to know your team divide. If your team is made up of too many leaders and not enough team-workers, the overall effectiveness of the team could be compromised.

  • Resource Investigator - This person is inquisitive and good at researching. They are always looking for exciting new ways to develop projects - although they can get distracted by new ideas
  • Team worker - This person is great for moving projects along and can be very dependable. However, they won't always be comfortable taking the lead or making decisions that affect the whole team
  • Coordinator - This individual will excel at organising workloads and delegating out tasks appropriately. Highly efficient, but they can often leave themselves empty handed
  • Plant - This person is always creative and innovative, thinking outside of the box. However, they often lose themselves in these ideas, forgetting to communicate them to others

  • Monitor Evaluator - This person is logical and methodical, with a strategic and critical mind that benefits the entire team. This can lead to lengthy evaluation processes, however
  • Specialist - This individual has a keen and developed interest in one area, which can provide an incredible opportunity to grow your team and business. However, they don't always have a working knowledge of other important areas within a department area
  • Shaper - A shaper will lead and drive forward a team, taking hurdles as they come. They are focused on getting the project completed on time, no holds barred
  • Implementer - Supporting the shaper, this individual turns momentum into a workable schedule for the team, incorporating strategy efficiently and effectively. They can be a bit resistant to change, especially when it comes to new processes
  • Completer Finisher - This person is great at polishing projects and reports, and has a perfectionist outlook that is ideal in customer focused roles. However, they can be reluctant to delegate tasks out to others

How does your team fare based on the above team role definitions?

The best way to determine the type of staff members you have within your existing team structures is to undertake a team development programme, which will allow you to profile your team and establish any areas that need improvement.

Our Team Coaching Experience could prove invaluable for your business, presenting opportunities for training as well as motivating and encouraging your employees to engage more actively in their roles.

Our event managers are on hand to answer any questions you may have, so please do get in touch. We operate throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to suit your needs; simply give us a call on 03300 04 09 03 to get the ball rolling.

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