What Makes a Good Leader?

Posted: Jul 27 2017

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Every team has a leader, whether that is by title or not, that they rely on from time to time. But what qualities make for a good team leader? In all departments of a business, there is at least one person responsible for the performance of a team. One person that looks to motivate the team in order to achieve both their individual and collective goals, someone that is there to listen to any issues and be seen to take action.

During team building exercises, it is usually these members of staff that come to the forefront and takes it upon them to complete challenges. Good leaders, though, should not always be relied on to step up in the face of a challenge.


Good leaders know when to delegate responsibility, as this then puts extra responsibility on other members of the team. Our corporate team events are designed to develop leadership and encourage communication as everyone has a role to play in the team achieving their goals.

Team Building to Develop Communication

All members of successful teams should clearly know their individual roles, with colleagues being aware of their own key strengths and weaknesses, as well as everyone else’s.

Good communication means discussing issues and giving constructive criticism where needed that the team can learn from. It is equally as important to communicate praise for a job well done, ensuring that valuable members of staff feel valued, which encourages them to keep up the good work.

All good team leaders have the ability to communicate with their colleagues on an individual and group basis. This does not mean Winston Churchill-style speeches every Monday morning to motivate the team for the week ahead because, quite simply, it would be a bit silly.

Do Not Isolate Yourself

A fatal mistake that many managers make is to isolate themselves, almost hiding away from the rest of the team. Removing one’s self away from the team is counterproductive, as it means that you are not privy to the day-to-day issues and members of staff will not feel as comfortable coming to you to discuss any issues.

Team Challenge’s team building events place everyone on a level playing field by taking the team outside of the normal work environment, encouraging all colleagues to socialise and communicate on another level.

The end result of this is to break down any barriers that may exist within the team, which will lead to a more cohesive unit as everyone works together.

If you believe that you and your team could benefit from participating in one of our corporate team events, please call the team on 03300 04 09 03.


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