Discover how people celebrate all around the world.

Teams discover festive facts from around the world as they race through the night delivering presents!

How It Works

Participants connect in an online breakout room, elect a ‘Santa’ and the others take on the role of Elves.  Their objective is to race through the night delivering toys to the children in as many countries as possible, before the dawn breaks.  Teams complete festive themed challenges to earn carrots to keep the reindeer flying.  The Elves can see the challenges but can’t input the answers. The Santas can input answers and take photos but don’t know the challenges until guided by the Elves. A bonus crate of carrots awaits the team who complete the ideal set of toys.  An unforgettable way to celebrate with your remote team this year.

Learning Outcomes

The product enables remote workers to break out from siloed roles, engage with their remote working colleagues and bond on an informal level. Participants who can think creatively, use their problem solving skills and out their enquiring mind to the test are likely to be successful as they gather the information and co-ordinate their actions with their team to solve challenges.  Participants will bond through a shared objective and find enjoyment while escaping on a virtual trip around the world with a festive theme.

Key Business Benefits

  • Fun & Enjoyment
  • Motivation
  • Improve Communication 
  • Competitive Spirit
  • Creative Thinking
  • Process Improvement

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