Rags To Riches

Benefit your whole community by creating a novel, imaginative and donatable ‘work of art’ with your team.

How It Works

Rags To Riches is an engaging CSR activity that advocates the belief for participants to give back to their community while simultaneously recycling unwanted items.  After identifying a charity that will benefit from your event, we will help you organise the collection of clothing and other recyclable items from the participants. At the session, teams participate in a dynamic networking and communication challenge to create a giant version of a logo in pre-determined marked out areas using all the donated items.

Learning Outcomes

Rags To Riches creates a unique, fulfilling and giving experience for your whole team. Rags To Riches encourages participants to think more about recycling unwanted items that would have otherwise been otherwise discarded. In an event that mobilises the whole team, teams both donate and create, proving that teamwork really can make a difference both to yourselves and to the world around you.

Key Business Benefits

  • Fun & Motivating
  • Feel good from giving back 
  • Networking Skills
  • Unifies The Group 

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