A groovy musical pick-me-up 

Funky, sharp and short group rhythms for invigorating and energising a conference

How It Works

The participants will be introduced to Body Rap and take part in a range of body exercises designed to create a sound, as an instructor talks them through the activity.

Once the participants have warmed up and rehearsed they will prepare for their performance and out on their brightly coloured gloves. They will be lead by the conductor into body slapping, stomping and vocals in unison creating a hilarious and colourful musical finale. This visual fiesta will have everyone smiling and laughing.

Learning Outcomes

Incredibly effective, quick and quirky, Body Rap is a unique conference energiser guaranteed to brighten up the most challenging audience.  It will bring life and laughter to your meeting, making sure participants are ready once again to focus on the all important conference

Body Rap uses the power of rhythm, laughter and shared experience to give energy and unity to teams with long lasting memories and results.

Key Business Benefits

  • Breaks The Ice
  • Energising a conference
  • Unifies the Group
  • High Energy 
  • Shared Experience
  • Focuses The Mind

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