Funk The Junk 

Teams up cycle ideas and inspiration with a tuned orchestration of everyday objects re invented to create a sonic salvage jam.

How It Works

Funk the Junk offers a fresh new approach with professionally tuned ‘scrapyard’ instruments, passionately re invented from the urban wasteland such as tuned pressure tanks, flipflopaphones and harmonic firebells. Participants improvise - compose - conduct - explore and experience soundscapes from the twilight zone to foot stomping fun. They learn and put in to practise conducting skills. In the finale, they put together all the best elements discovered.

Learning Outcomes

Re-imagining the future is critical to progressive business strategy, Funk the Junk encourages participants to re-think the boundaries of what’s possible with limited resources. This all-inclusive energizer presents a level playing field for learning with instrument to suit all personalities. Create collective positive thinking and encouragement to unite teams in a shared creative vision.

Key Business Benefits

  • Creative Expression
  • Positive Thinking
  • Uniting & Unifying Teams
  • Communicating Vision

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