Can You Stop The Virus?

Teams apply creative thinking and problem solving in a quest to stop a computer virus affecting their company and their personal data.

How It Works

Teams watch a sinister video from a masked representative of the Red Alert Team. They are told that their computer systems have been hacked. They are presented with a crate and told that in order to rid their systems of the virus they must solve every puzzle within 60 minutes. Time starts and the teams work fervently to decipher the codes. After a team completes their puzzles, they realise they must help other teams to complete the puzzles in their crate. Once complete, teams take the code they have obtained from each crate to the central Red Alert sphere. They enter the code into the sphere stopping the countdown and quarantining the virus.


Learning Outcomes

Red Alert is an enthralling experiential learning game that enhances teamwork and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging environment. Limited time means that teams need to work efficiently and have good communication to make decisions quickly. As the game progresses, team dynamics are honed as individuals come to appreciate their own abilities and those of others.

There is a huge difference between looking and seeing. Teams gradually develop the ability to see a problem and apply creative thinking to solve it. The exciting theme and limited time frame ensures that everyone is engaged throughout the activity and all will draw on the positive memories of this shared learning experience.

Key Business Benefits

  • Collaborative Problem Solving 
  • Decision Making Under Pressure 
  • Team Dynamics 
  • Motivating & Engaging
  • Creative Thinking 

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