Plunge into a virtual reality game and feel very real sensations.

Experience the Infinite Loop - a role-playing simulation game using the ultimate in virtual reality equipment. Using exceptional Oculus technology, immerse yourself and your team in an unforgettable mission, where you all come together to save a young man trapped amidst the terrors of cyberspace.

With a selection of varying puzzles, playing out in a real-time competition against several other teams, you must work together to communicate effectively and solve problems at speed.

How Does it Work?

You and your colleagues take on the role of an elite team of computer hackers - the White Hats - the good guys of the computer-cracking world. Approached by the mysterious and enigmatic ‘Odyssey' corporation, you have been tasked to engage in an emergency mission of digital mercy.

Key Business Benefits

  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Real-time Communication
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Iterative Learning
  • Leadership & Empathy

A young man who was testing one of the company’s more experimental full-immersion virtual reality devices has suffered a devastating accident. He has been physically absorbed through a cybernetic portal into the digital realm of the game and cannot escape under his own power. Your team’s mission is to travel between our world and his world, working to help him return safe and sound.

The game builds teamwork and encourages healthy competition. Only by the participants co-operating, communicating, and coordinating can victory be achieved.

One team member wears the Oculus virtual reality headset, while the others have access to a set of documents filled with written descriptions of what you can expect to find in the virtual world - the White Hat’s Guide Book. Team members take turns inside the virtual world, describing and detailing what they see and how it appears to work. Using that information, the remaining team members can advise them and help to work towards the solutions.

Just when they think they have succeeded, the game steps up a gear and the team must go through the same levels again, with more complex systems in play.

Rewards and Learning Outcomes

The Infinite Loop is very much designed with results and outcomes in mind. Team Challenge Company uses scientifically verified techniques to create the very best in team building environments and challenges.

The Infinite Loop is a strong, lean, business management game, based on real-time collaboration and communication.

Participants in the Infinite Loop challenge are thrown in at the deep end, whether they are wearing the virtual reality goggles or poring over the details of the White Hat Guide Book. The key learning outcomes here are about the importance of communication, and how to collaborate and coordinate efforts in a real-time setting.

While participating in The Infinite Loop, teams come together naturally and instinctively. With the added pressure of other teams in direct competition in real time, teams are incentivised to find the most efficient and clearest solutions possible.

With a strong learning curve, iterative learning, increasingly complex puzzling techniques, and continuous feedback, The Infinite Loop is an excellent challenge and an amazing team building tool.

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