GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt

Using the most sophisticated and cutting-edge software on the market, our Award Winning GPS Interactive Treasure Hunts, powered by the industry-leading Go Team App, are sure to provide you with an exciting, engaging and and rewarding Team Building Event unlike any other. 

Go Team is a state-of-the-art GPS Enabled Treasure Hunt App which we use to power or Award Winning Interactive Treasure Hunts, which can be delivered for any group size at any location of your choosing, anywhere in the UK.

Key Business Benefits

  • Teamwork
  • Advanced Planning
  • Cross Team Networking
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Strategic Thinking

How It Works

Using a GPS tablet, provided by Team Challenge Company, your teams will navigate their way around a sequence of virtually triggered checkpoints which are set in the real world, built around your chosen venue or city and can include bespoke questions to your team. The triggers reveal challenges to complete and information for the teams to interact with in order to score points in a bid to win the Winners' Trophy! Each challenge is marked either automatically by the programme providing instant feedback, by our live trail controller, or by an in-situ trail marshall whom the teams meet along the route. Each team will get increased rewards if they complete the most challenging routes and will also receive regular pop-up information bars on the screen to help guide them through the hunt. 

Learning Outcomes

Through live updates during each teams progress it helps to motivate them and engage the teams in competing together to win the trophy. Encourages forward planning through teams selecting the route they take in order to score the highest points by completing as many correct checkpoints as possible. Trust builds as challenges are completed successfully and individuals learn to appreciate each other’s different abilities. Group challenges require teams to employ innovative thinking. They must utiliseeffective communication skills to arrive at a collective shared strategy and then jump into swift uninhibited action. 

GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt

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