S1 Soapbox Derby

Forget F1, this is S1! Get ready to take on our most exciting and fast-paced Specialist Team Building event yet.

Become your very own Racing Team and work together to design, build and race your very own pedal-powered soapbox kart in a bid to be the first to take the Chequered Flag and claim pole position.

The Presentation

Each team must present to a board of sponsorship officials with details of their brand identity in order to gain the most lucrative sponsorship deal possible.

As part of your S1 Soapbox Derby event, your group teams will be tasked with creating a race team brand that comes complete with; brand name, logo, strap line, 4 relatable brand valuesand a mission statement.

Each team will begin the afternoon with their pedal-powered kart frame and a mixture of raw materials which they can use to design and build their very own bespoke pedal-powered soap box race kart. Take part in the live qualifying session to earn your place on the starting grid. Go for pole position to give your team the best chance of being first over the finish line and take the top spot on the winners' podium.


Work together to design, build and race your very own Pedal-Powered Soap Box Kart in a bid to be first to take the Chequered Flag and stand on top of our Winner's Podium!

Each team will take to the starting grid in their soapbox karts, fully clad in their racing suits and ready to take on the Soapbox Grand Prix. The karts will be positioned on the grid in relation to the qualifying lap, and we will get ready to begin! Our specialist race starter will get the teams under way as they pedal their karts around the track, being sure to caress the corners and speed trough the chicanes in their bid to be first over the finish line.

A pit-stop will take place after each lap, with the drivers being swapped over in as fast a time as possible, so as by the end of the race all team members have had a chance to race their soapbox kart. Only one team can take the chequered flag…will it be yours?

Design It - Build It - Market It - Race It!

Select your racer and put your kart to the test as you race around the track being sure to beat your competitors.

With the Soapbox Grand Prix complete, all that remains to do is to crown the champions. The top 3 Race Teams will stand aloft on the podiums, with the much coveted Team Challenge Company Winners' Trophy being presented to Grand Prix Champions while the Race Team finishing in last place is presented with the Losers' Wooden Spoon.

All teams, that are placed, in between final and first place will step up to the front of the group for a team photograph with their individually designed race karts. Following the Winner’s Trophy being presented and final photographs taken, we aim to send your who group home with a with a long-lasting buzz and a heightened sense of team morale, having enjoyed a truly unique, rewarding and entertaining experience that will live long in the memory of all in attendance. With the group away home on a high, we will send over your event day blog and photographs for everyone to reminisce on the day!

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