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At Team Challenge Company, we recognise the importance of coaching in the workplace and the benefits that come with it. Without it, businesses risk losing talented members of staff through either a lack of motivation or the feeling that they are stagnating on both a professional and personal level.

Ultimately, the goal of coaching and mentoring in the workplace is to increase productivity levels, communication, and loyalty. For example, this can be to help new members of staff get established into the team and hit the ground running or to provide the added push that employees need for them to move onto the next level. Ideally, senior positions in the company should be filled by internal members of staff that can make the step up. Coaching helps to ensure that a business has a pool of talent that is ready for the additional responsibility that comes with promotion.

What is Coaching in the Workplace?

Coaching in the workplace is all about giving employees the guidance that will support their professional and personal development by providing access to the tools, opportunities, and knowledge that they need. This isn’t something that can be done throughout an afternoon and relies on coaches and mentors in the workplace to be able to work with their colleagues, sharing their knowledge and experience.

Coaching and management are not the same things – that means that a mentor doesn’t necessarily have to be a supervisor or part of the management team. An experienced member of staff, who has been with the company for several years, regardless of seniority can act as a mentor to colleagues.

It is important to remember that coaching is a process and not an event – this is not training – and it takes time. Just like coaching in the sporting sense, one single training session is not sufficient for the learner to take on the relevant knowledge and experience.

Why Your Business Should be Coaching Teams in the Workplace

Organisations require regular training for their workforce to remain motivated and competitive, however, without any form of coaching in the workplace its effect and benefit decreases. Effectively, employees are left to their own devices after training with no one to turn to, to seek advice in times of uncertainty. This can leave employees feeling demotivated if they have struggled to understand what has been relayed in training sessions, which then has a knock-on effect on productivity and results of the business.

Employees’ development is aided when they are in an environment where learning is facilitated, where they feel comfortable asking questions without fear of judgement. Formal sessions can be intimidating, especially in a group setting which is when less forthcoming members of staff are even less likely to come forward with anything they are uncertain of.

How Team Challenge Company Can Help

Our professional team create a learning environment that lends itself to improvement via experiential learning methodologies. Part of this team development involves identifying key areas of development and the potential of an employee. Coaching recognises that no two employees are the same, as they will each have their own behaviour patterns, approaches, and opinions.

Each session focuses on the attendees and what they have learned, not just about their professional roles, but also about themselves throughout the day. A discussion is held with the team about what each member can bring back with them into the workplace that will make a difference, regardless of significance, to the department and/or company as a whole.

Through experiential learning tasks, poor performance is replaced with new approaches and attitudes that apply to both the team and individual. Employees’ commercial performance and personal awareness will be improved.

The Team Challenge Company team will work with you to find out what you are hoping to achieve for your team and discuss any objectives that you wish to make a focus. Through working with your team and introducing the benefits of coaching and mentoring in the workplace, your business will move from strength to strength as your employees realise their potential, both individually and as a collective unit.

Please get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss how our workplace coaching services can improve your business.

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