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Break-Out Bingo

Break-out bingo is a fast-paced networking energiser. Teams mingle and network to discover facts and trivia about each other to complete their bingo card.
Experience Format:
Group Size:
30 Minutes
1 Hour
Key Benefits:
Excellent icebreaker - Promotes cross-team networking - Effective Communication - Encourages collaboration

How it works

Players join the experience and are given a summary of the event before downloading our app. Players mingle in breakout groups where they each ask questions from their app-based virtual bingo card. These questions draw out fun facts, career achievements, or intriguing personal accolades that are perfect encouragement for people to get to know each other after the event.

Any player can score on any question, which maintains a competitive but inclusive atmosphere. After 3 minutes, participants enter a new breakout group, and the process starts again. A small break to discuss findings ramps up the mood before people start shouting BINGO!

This experience is well suited for connecting remote teams and helping to keep lines of communication open where geography or work patterns keep them separate in person.

Learning Outcomes


Improving collaboration across a team is probably the number one way we can help to improve a team’s performance. If you don’t communicate, you can’t collaborate. We start with communication and get it flowing, then get everyone working together. We have found that creating long-term change in the way teams collaborate can be as simple as getting them into a creative frame of mind. Whether the team task is to work together or compete is up to you.

Morale Boosters

Our morale booster experiences are designed to inspire new patterns of thinking across a team or even a whole organisation. They can be both fun and motivating, help with employee engagement, stimulate creativity, and are great for those all-important shared experiences.

Fun and Social

Choosing from our range of fun and social experiences is sometimes all it takes to get teams working together in new and more effective ways. These light and engaging experiences are great for energising a team or warming up conference delegates. They can help familiarise new team members or get well-acquainted ones working in innovative ways.

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