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Escape The Maze

Teams take a journey through three virtual maze sectors in this tablet-based escape room game. The virtual component drives their real-world adventure.
Experience Format:
In Person
Group Size:
3 Hours
Key Benefits:
Effective Communication - Encourages collaboration - Problem Solving - Handling pressure

How it works

Each sector tests team dynamics and challenges the participants' ability to communicate effectively on the run. As teams race across real-world terrain towards GPS-triggered checkpoints, they uncover puzzles, riddles, and further hidden checkpoints.

Throughout the experience, the answers, and the choices, that teams make may open secret alternative routes with handy shortcuts or cause slow diversions.

Problem-solving, communication under pressure, trust, and leadership are all put to the test through this competitive and collaborative adventure.

Learning Outcomes


Improving collaboration across a team is probably the number one way we can help to improve a team’s performance. If you don’t communicate, you can’t collaborate. We start with communication and get it flowing, then get everyone working together. We have found that creating long-term change in the way teams collaborate can be as simple as getting them into a creative frame of mind. Whether the team task is to work together or compete is up to you.

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